View Full Version : Easy Keystone

08-20-2008, 03:46 AM
Last night i was playing fable 2 pub games and i got to 5 gambler rating and placed in all the spinnerbox and fortune tower tournaments and then i had keystone and i was like omg i dont wanna do this because i dont really like keystone....still dont but i found a pretty easy way to get good money...first bet max on all the outer archs then move to the inside ones and i recommend betting half of the max on 4-9 and 12-17...and then whatever your roll is you should get some money and if your roll landed on any of the numbers from 4-9..on your next bet....bet max on 12-17 and half of max on 4-9....for me usually whenever it landed on 4-9 the next roll was 12-17...and if your first roll is 12-17 bet max on 4-9 and half of max on 12-17