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08-26-2008, 11:48 AM
Right i am kinda new at this decided to play it as my brother played it ages ago on my account and i hate 0G next to my name.
after checking on so help here i just play kick off mode,
teams i pick is Liverpool v Monterry (mexico league)
im not very good at the game and i play as any of those two teams crazy enough monterry the 2 1/2 star team can beat them all the time. im currently playing as liverpool because they should finish the ball better.

1. you need the sprint down one of the wings slightly cutting in to the opp. box, by this point 2 or 3 defenders will chase you, you need to thru ball back into the middle of there box as one of your guys should be running in to, strike the ball straight away, if you pull it of the ball should go in or hit the bar and land in there box, the pass should be at the 18 yard line or around 15 yards from there goal better to stay outside the box

2. corners, pass the ball to the guy standing to the left of you, he should be slightly marked, all you do is turn back on yourself so your running to the egde of there box(18 yard line) pass it to one of your guys, even strike it straight away and take a touch in the box and shoot, this may work as its the best way i take corners

i will try get videos for you but they seem the best way to score goals for me, thats it anyone still plays this terrible game.

oh i have mastered the one on one with the keeper. i get alot of one on ones and the keeper always saves the ball but all you have to do is lob him its so easy and GOAALLLLLLLLLL! HAHAHA smart arse fifa can suck my footballs