View Full Version : Glitch on very FIRST load??

08-29-2008, 10:19 PM
So I got The Simpson game from GameFly the other day and was looking forward to some humorous and comedic fun.... but today when I put the disc into my Elite and fired it up, I got as far as getting the "Easiest achievement... ever" and then after selecting the HD on my 360, I was dumped into the Itchy and Scratchy hammerfight load screen... and thats where it stayed ... for as long as it took me to pass through all of the pages of the forum here, seeing if this had happened to anyone else. Which apparently if it has, they haven't mentioned it. After attempting to do a little online research, I did the Y,X,X,LB,RB whatever cache clearing trick thinking it could be my problem, although I have had no problems with other games before today. is this a common problem and am I just not doing something extremely simple to fix this?? Do I have a bad disc or is this a common issue with this particular gem from EA? Thanks for any help/advice!