View Full Version : i have plan for finding all great people !

08-30-2008, 01:39 AM
all that u need 2 do is go on play now and be the americans ( because they start of wiv a great person ,, so settle that great person in and then quit the game ,, you do the same again ,, play now ,, americans ,, settle great person ,, quit the game ,, do this about ten times but it only does certain people i got bach ,, curie ,, edison ,, einstien ,, gutenberg ,, hearst ,, liienthe ,, marconi ,, stephonson ,, stokowski ,, lippi sultam and whitney out of doing this so it just gives u sum people to start of wiv so u dont have 2 do learn ther technology to get them .

another good way is to settle right on a corner near the sea straight away ,, and then set the learnin thing 2 science and u will be quicker than every other countries of getting that technlogy so u might get a great person .

ive got another thread open asking for people to give me advice on how to do the 200 resources per turn achievement so if anyone can help that will be geat .. thank you ( stotty AJ08 )

08-30-2008, 01:51 AM
Just a word of advice my friend, you'll get better responses if we can actually read your post. Take the time to compose your thoughts using proper English and, we as readers, will take you seriously and help you out. What's your rush? This isn't the place for texting. When I see terrible posts I usually just skip right over it.

Having said that I'll give you a freebee:
We've tried the start as American and get a free Great person. It doesn't work for the hard to find guys. There has been a post already created for this that is several pages long. Check it out by searching, again it comes down to just slowing down and taking breath.