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09-07-2008, 06:47 AM
now i apologize ahead of time to any and all moderators if i put this in the wrong spot but i desperately need your guys help. about a month ago i got my account hacked, so i called microsoft and told them what happened, this guys said "he got it from my myspace account" which i think he got access to because i might have downloaded a key logger when i tried to get a pirated copy of gears for pc. ok i know i fudged up my bad, i was stupid, etc., etc. well after about two weeks i call microsoft and they say account has been closed and console has been perm banned from xbox live. two weeks go by after said account has been closed it gets logged back into i get pummeled with messages from my friends saying this ass clown got my account back. so i send him a message saying enjoy it while it lasts cuz i was calling microsoft again. in one of the many replies he tries to say he didnt steal it it was gt; hi my name is karl. i look up said gt, doesnt exsist. he then continues to say that and i quote " man you couldnt at least have some microsoft points or a credit card on here" which i think was the only smart part for me. before it happened i drained all the points and only used the pre-paid services. so to cut to the chase of this whole thing. i was hoping for a collective effort from all you guys to help me ban this guy again. you dont have to send him any messages if you dont want to but please file a system tampering complaint on him so that way he cant use that account for anything. i need help from you guys so that way he gets kicked off because microsoft i know it will take two more weeks just to find this guy. :locked

i know i havent been a member of this site for long but i love what you guys are doing and i love the community here. so flame this guy, send complaints, and hell i know i deserve somekind of verbal punishment for my stupidity. so i wont be mad if anyone wants to say some garbage on my part.

Thanks in advance,
avid gamer,
:uzi:Joshua McCully

09-07-2008, 07:07 AM
I'm sorry, but I have to close this one down before all the hatred and verbal abuse comes flowing in.

I understand that you're angry, but asking our members to file complaints or even talk trash towards the hacker will make matters much worst. That's not what x360a is about and we certainly do not want this to backfire.