View Full Version : Rainbow of Piņatas trouble

09-07-2008, 06:58 PM
ive played all short games in this way. first i selected with controller 2, a character, then i selected same character with controller 1, getting a blue pinata in game, but not during character selection screen... no achievement! can anyone explain me how to get it, and if i can do it in practice mode

oII virus IIo
02-09-2009, 02:45 AM
no you cant do this achievement in practice mode
the quickest way to do it is in the short game mode. you have to do what you were doing with the first piņata but with all 8 characters, so you will have to play 8 short games. you should then get your achievement right at the end of your last game where the cut scene shows the podium.
hope this helps