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09-09-2008, 09:11 PM
During episode 4, inside The Swan, after you complete all three puzzles you press that switch that locks you down.

You then have to do that computer stuff: Test, turn on both blacklights... THEN THE DOORS.

That is my problem.

Both guides/walkthroughs that I look at say the following:

"Back at the menu screen, choose option A, then B, then C. On the Blast Door
Menu, choose option A. Exit the console and take a photo of the map on the
door (visible in blacklight) for 1/3 pictures. Go back to the computer and
choose B, leave through the open door that leads into the living area. Take a
photo of the other map (visible in blacklight) for 2/3 pictures for the
"Mapping the island" achievement."

"Choose A to open one door. Meaning, two doors are still closed. Turn
around now and you'll find a map on one of the blast doors. Take a
photo of it. Finally, 13!

Go back to the computer now, and choose B. This opens the door to
your left (as in left when you're facing the computer). Leave through
this door now, and you'll be back in the area where the lava lamp is.
Look left now, and you'll see another map on the last blast door
(which is still closed). Take a photo of it for 23."

So they say the same thing...

Now here is my problem, when I open A, then take a picture, then open B, I walk into the living room and the door is already open (The one that leads to the mural).

It took me 6 tries to figure out where that second picture is... you aren't supposed to open door A!!! That is where it is! So why do both of these guides/walkthroughs say to open that bloody door!?

09-17-2008, 12:14 PM
Yeah I noticed that as well. You just have to open door B and go out and take the photo, then come back and open either C or A to exit. There are a few other mistakes in walkthroughs that I have looked at for this game.

09-17-2008, 05:53 PM
I only found this one mistake, rest are pretty "on the ball" (for the gamefaqs one that is, its more detailed).