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08-28-2008, 07:42 AM
I'd like to also give credit to Monoxide Child, CandidGamera, Hayden x360a, and RetroFaun.

Below you will find everything about all 26 animal orbs in Castle Crashers, including what each of them do, where they are, and and how to obtain each of them!

A small side note, to unlock an orb, all you need to do is touch him. You do not need to finish the level, nor do you need to exit the level with it. If you're just playing a level to get the orb, touch it, then simple press start and return to map.

The sorting will go as follows:

Name - Ability
How to Obtain

The ordering will go by stall, so you can know which orb you're missing by which one isn't in your stall. Stall 1 will be closest to the Ark Entrance, and stall X will be next to the locked door. Ordering will also go from right to left with orb names.

Red means you need the shovel (Pazzo makes finding the holes MUCH easier)
Blue means you need the Cardinal Animal Orb
Green means you need a bomb and/or sandwhich (bring both to green to be safe)
Purple means you need the horn

Stall 1
Cardinal - Helps you find secret items
Industrial Castle
First, to get inside the castle you're going to need a sandwich. Pull open the door and proceed as normal, at the top will be a brute enemy (slightly larger than usual) simply kill him and you'll be rewarded with cardinal.

Owlet - Retrieves hidden fruit from trees
Forest Entrance
Right before you go into the overgrown section (looks like a bush archway) head to the top right of the screen behind a bush. Simply head back there and Owlet should follow.

Chicken - Increase to defense, strength and agility
Flooded Temple
On the first dry land section you'll see a hole below too giant fish statues, dig there and you'll find Chicken. If you're having a hard time finding the hole, use Pazzo.

Hawkster - Attacks fallen enemies
Tall Grass Field
At the first group of huts, you'll fight four bears, as soon as your done head to the top of the screen and blow your horn by the hut (you'll see the horn sign). Hawkster will come out and greet you.

Hay Stack 1
Mr Buddy - Helps you dig faster
Home Castle
Start up Home Vastle, then backtrack to the left to enter the dining hall. Head to the far left wall and under the Vetrinarian you'll see a stack of hay with a hole in it. Dig up the hole to find Mr Buddy. If you're having a hard time finding the hole, use Pazzo.

Stall 2
Giraffey - Helps you level up faster
Continue with the level until you come to the giant chicken statue. Once here you're close. On the top of the screen, you'll see the chicken, then a three block monument. After the three block monument will be a gap, then another three block monument. Next to the three block monument will be a two block monument, Giraffey's in the hole under the two-block monument.

Zebra - Helps you find food in grass
Desert Chase
For this orb you're going to want to get the camel at the beginning. Continue through the level until you get to the chase sequence with another camel rider. Once the chase starts run after him avoiding the quicksand. Once you catch up, fight him to the death and Zebra will be your reward.

Snoot - Increases your strength
Cyclops' Fortress
At the beginning of the level you'll come to a picture of Cyclops on the wall, the cave where Snoot is is right after it. You'll need a single bomb to get Snoot from the cracked wall.

Piggy - Makes food give you more health
Swamp Village Store
Purchased for 585 gold.

Stall 3
Bitey Bat - Chomps enemy's heads
Pipistrello's Cave
Bitey Bat will automatically unlock after you beat the giant bat. Just run up to him to unlock him.

Rammy - Knocks down enemies
Tall Grass Field
This one will be a reward for beating the bear with the flag, once you defeat him simply grab Rammy to unlock him.

Troll - Slowly regenerates your health
Thieves Forest
Once you get to the troll area (black spikey guys) you're close. Head to the end of the troll area, but don't break down the wall to proceed further. Troll will be at teh top of the screen behind a wall (you can see him through a hole) plant a few bombs to blow the wall up and then grab him.

Spinny - Increases your defense
Volcano Store
Purchased for 680 gold.

Hay Stack 2

Stall 4
Frogglet - Can pick up items with his tongue
Right after your first meeting with the skeletons, you'll be at the hole where Frogglet lays. It's at the top of the screen directly after your first encounter with the skeletons. If you're having a hard time finding the hole, use Pazzo.

Seahorse - Allows you to move quickly through water
Thieves Forest
This one's the first orb most people get, it's green and really hard to miss. Once you get to the stream he'll be at the top right.

Snailburt - Increases your defense but decreases your agility
Snailburt's towards the end of the level right in the open like Seahorse, very hard to miss.

Hay Stack 3

Stall 5
BiPolar - Mauls Enemies (and Friends) who are near death
Snow World
Right before you enter the ice cave, you'll go on a small path that's shaped in a backwards C shape. At the top of the path you'll notice a horn sign, pull out your horn and give it a blow. BiPolar will come running.

Yeti - Protects you from being frozen
Snow World
Before you head up the backwards C trail to get BiPolar, head to the right to where some huts are, head to the top left of the huts and you'll grab Yeti.

Burly Bear - Increases your strength
Tall Grass Field
Go to where you climb up the grass section of the cliff but don't go up, instead head to the left side of the cliff. When you're there, eat the sandwich and move the boulder. Once the boulder's out of the way head into the cave. Burly Bear will be behind a cracked all at the top of the cave. Plant a bomb and enjoy!

Scratchpaw - Increases your strength and agility
Sandcastle Interior
Right at the beginning of the level you'll see a crack in the top wall. Simply plant some bombs until it breaks up, then head to the right to grab Scratchpaw.

Stall 6
Sherbert - Helps you jump higher
Animal Art
First off, you need to aquire the magic jump. This unlocks in the fifth pier of your Magic block in your stats (you need 20 bars in Magic.) Once you're abile to magic jump, go into the Animal Ark, head all the way to the left (right in front of the locked door) and perform a Magic Jump.

An alternate method, thanks to Jsmashed, is to just use the XXY combo on the locked door. It'll keep raising you up until you're able to grab Sherbert.

Monkeyface - Increases your luck finding items
Church Store
Purchased for 750 gold.

Meowburt - Increases your agility
This is easily done by starting on Cyclops' Cave and backtracking (just head back to the previous level) Meowburt will be standing in the middle of the road waiting for you.

Pazzo - Helps you find buried treasures
Snow Store
Purchased for 750 gold.

Other (in between Stall 6 & Hay Stack 4)
Beholder - Gives you a magical boost
Full Moon
Play through the level with Cardinal as your animal. At the second hut up the mountain path, it'll bring you a golden key "weapon". This unlocks the padlocked door in the ark, and inside is the Beholder.

Hay Stack 4
Install Ball - Shoots Enemies with his photons
Alien Ship
Once the big alien starts the countdown, go to the right towards the end of the level. You'll come to your first laser barrier, shoot the control panel then head to teh top of the screen. You'll see a gap in the pipes, head in, and head to the right.