View Full Version : Goal Getter Achievement

09-13-2008, 09:44 PM
i need this clarifying if anyone is till on this board lol

it says score 4 or more goals in 50 games, is that your first 50 or any of your last 50?

because going for the 300 wins achieve i have won every game 7 or 8-0 including 13-1 and 14-0 on the way, and i have played 200 games or so so far since coming back to this game, 20 were on pro for the world stars, but i did read if i ahd done 49 on semi pro and then done pro and done that last 1 game i would still get it

i have also read if you missed it in your first 50 games it would be how many you played times by 4, my goal average has been 2 for like forever now but just checked now and my goal average is 3, i have scored 1193 goals in 375 games, now if i times 375 by 4 that makes 1500 and to be honest that seems weird if it is

becuuse once i get the 300 wins acieve thats it im done with this game but seeing 960g when it could be 1000g seems wrong, but to do another 50 games after that i dont think i could take it lol

so can anybody please clarify the details to this achievment?