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09-16-2008, 11:39 PM
I've been making sigs for a quite awhile now. Between those times I've stopped for upwards of a year. Maybe someone here would recognize me from other GFX forums by my sigs or my name...my name on all GFX forums I been on is Snappa.
Reason why I used "The Realist50" for this site is because thats my gamertag and I never intended to post my sigs here. But since I'm not into GFX as seriously anymore I have..."retired" i guess you could say lol from all those GFX sites like National Sig League and so on. Now I'm just doing this as a time killer here and there...nothing serious anymore and not caring about my "rank" on those other sites.
so here are some of my older sigs. Sadly I lost a big chunk of my sigs due to running a reformat on my computer and not saving them. Would have been pretty cool looking back at my first sigs that I made way back in 2001.

Christina *Drool*

Break dance Sprite sig. I like what I did here, it was my first attempt at making a sprite sig, I used a real life back ground and sprites from some games. I put some in the background and blurred them to make it look like its in the distance.

This is the oldest sig that I still have.