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09-20-2008, 04:57 PM
Gamespot just posted the first Far Cry 2 multiplayer preview on their site.

Highlights include:

Deathmatch and team deathmatch modes
"Capture the Diamond" mode (similar to capture the flag)
"Uprising" game mode: There are three control points that can be captured only by each team's captain. One team must capture all three points, after which the game will end when the other team's captain is assassinated. Points must be defended after they are captured, and grabbing new points requires a carefully organized attack.
Vehicles play a big role in multiplayer, and can carry multiple players in one car (the jeep for example).
You receive experience for capturing points, sharing vehicles with friends, stealing diamonds, healing teammates, and killing enemies
This experience improves your rank and it rewards conflict diamonds that can be spent on upgrading six different player classes: the commando, rebel, guerilla, sharpshooter, gunner, and saboteur.
Each class has three levels of upgrades, and each costs one conflict diamond. You can upgrade any class, regardless of which class you played as in the past. Unfortunately, there are no personal-customization options such as costumes or camouflage, but there are 30 ranks and plenty of powerful weapons to unlock.
The more you use an individual weapon, the more proficiency you gain, eventually unlocking field manuals and bandoliers that increase weapon accuracy, reliability, and ammunition quantity.
The 14 maps represented all of the environments from the single-player game, including jungle, savannah, desert, urban areas, and mountains.
As in the single-player campaign, you will have a health meter. Instead of using first-aid kits in multiplayer, you can hit a heal button that triggers a long-winded animation (for instance, digging a bullet out of your thigh with a knife).
If you do fall in the heat of battle, a teammate will have several seconds to run over and heal you.




Full preview over at: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/farcry2/news.html?sid=6197984&tag=topslot;thumb;1

They also have a video of online play in action that you should check out.