View Full Version : RR note charts or RB/GH note charts

09-21-2008, 01:10 AM
Do you prefer the vertical RR note charts or the ones that seem to come-at-you (horizontal) in RB.

Personally, i prefer the RB/GH note charts - so much simpler to read.

09-22-2008, 03:20 PM
This forum is hopping lol I just thought I would check it out.

But to answer your question, I think most, if not all, will say they prefer the ones that come at you. Having them scroll straight down is what Konami always had, but it seems like a failed system, because Harmonix and Activision does it better.

It's just easier to read, and easier to see what's coming when it's, well coming at you. The downward scroll probably requires a greater reaction time.

Lucent Beam
09-22-2008, 05:02 PM
I think by now I'm more used to scrolling at you instead of scrolling down, but only because I play more GH/RB than I do Beatmania on PS2 or DJ Max Portable on PSP. That said, I don't have a problem playing Beatmania fast once I warm up on a couple songs.

One is only simpler for a person to read because of the time spent using that system.

HDC Frisky Fox
10-29-2008, 09:25 AM
yea i find rock revolution so much harder to read. but i like rock bands notes the best

10-29-2008, 03:26 PM
RR would actually hurt my eyes after a few songs...The vertical scroll system worked great in DDR, but ONLY in DDR. Putting a 3D background with flashing strobe lights behind a 2D scrolling chart (which is the main thing you're supposed to be looking it) was just plain stupid.

11-01-2008, 07:07 PM
I don't think it's "just plain stupid" - the RR scrolling is just different from the most popular things going (RB & GH), so most people have chosen not to like it.

The bigger issue is the joke of a set list completely comprised of covers.