View Full Version : Fan Limits and Jet requirements.

09-21-2008, 08:50 PM
Anyone know what the fan limit is for Hard? What about the star requirements for a jet?

09-21-2008, 09:50 PM
they got rid of the fan limits. What happens now is that once you hit the limit that was in RB1 you continue to get fans but a set amount each time no matter what staff you have or bonus challenges you get

i don't know what the set amount is on hard, i know on medium it was 6,000. so probably 10-12k for hard.

I do believe you can pass 1 Million on hard though before you reach the limits

Stars for jet were around 200-250 i think.

09-21-2008, 09:54 PM
fan limit for hard is over 1 mill so you can unlock that cheev on hard and you need somewhere in the region of 200-250 stars to unlock the jet from what i remember.

edit: neok got there before me, lol.

09-21-2008, 10:52 PM
Muchas Gracias