View Full Version : drive-in challenges?

09-13-2006, 05:20 AM
i hav no clue how to make a challenge how do u?

09-13-2006, 05:42 AM
i hav no clue how to make a challenge how do u?

You JUST made a topic with the same exact name!!

Please use better judgement when making posts, its bad enough doubling a post at the top of the forums that somebody else made. But doubling a post that you made yourself is just rediculous..

Too bad i dont have jurisdiction over at this board as of now or else this would be on lockdown real fast..

09-13-2006, 10:11 AM
Look on your map for the chair looking thing and go there, spend $500,000 to create one. Simple.

09-13-2006, 02:55 PM
Spend 500.000? I don't think so. YOu press start while in Free Roam and chose Editor (unlocked at expert level). There you create your challenge und do a test drive to get a time that has to be beaten. Then you save and go to a diner online. There you can upload your challenge and change start and price money (you can have $0 for both values) as well as the time the challenge should be available for others to race.