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09-13-2006, 07:54 PM
Complete Level 1
Make it all the way through level 1.
Easy achievement. Your best bet is to just avoid the missiles and shoot the fuel tanks when its needed.

Complete Level 2
Make it all the way through level 2.
I found it easier to avoid the spaceships in this level by pausing the game and turning on the Original graphics. Otherwise, another simple achievement.

Complete Level 3
Make it all the way through level 3.
This ones a bit tricky but still do-able for the average player. Stay near the bottom and only come up to get over the small hills. If you’re quick enough you can get through this without losing a life.

Complete Level 4
Make it all the way through level 4.
Now it gets a little tough. You have limited space to move, and missiles are launching again. An easy way to get through this is to constantly press the A and B buttons simultaneously. There will be a lot of destruction and a lot of dodging involved, but still do-able for the average player.

Complete Level 5
Make it all the way through level 5.
Get ready for this one. This level is pretty tricky and involves more work with the thumbstick. Dodge your way through this area, giving yourself some space behind you in case you have to move back quickly.

Complete Base Level
Successfully destroy the enemy base!
Once you make it past level 5 you will be taken to an area that will repeat itself… only there are no FUEL tanks. You must destroy the enemy base at the bottom of the screen in between buildings to win. If you pass it by don’t worry, you’ll get another shot or two before your fuel runs out.

Destroy 10 or more fuel containers on level 1.
Simply start a game and aim only for Fuel Tanks on the first level. If you find yourself nearing the end of level 1 and haven’t gotten the achievement yet, just die because the number of tanks you destroyed still carries over to the next life.

Co-op Brilliance
Obtain a score of 30,000 or more while playing an Xbox Live co-op game.
Start a co-op game (make sure its not versus) and get a combined score 30,000 with another player. You’ll easily get this if you both can make it to level 4 together.

It’s a Mystery
Destroy 3 or more mystery objects.
The mystery objects are on the ground in every level. They are the red tank-like objects that do nothing. Easy points.

Bombing Run
Destroy 30 enemies without using your forward shooting weapon.
This ones a bit more difficult to do than the Sharp Shooter achievement. You can only shoot 2 bombs at a time and lining up shots is tricky. Try to get close enough to an enemy when shooting bombs off for a more precise shot. AND REMEMBER, do not shoot your primary weapon (A button). You can die and the kill count gets carried over to the next life.

Sharp Shooter
Destroy 30 enemies without once dropping a bomb
Not too hard. Easy to aim and usually precise. Kill 30 enemies and remember not to shoot any bombs off. You can die and the kill count gets carried over to the next life.

Complete the entire game without losing any lives.
For the extreme players only. Don’t bother breaking your controller over these couple points if you can’t get past level 4 without losing a life. Good Luck.

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