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09-28-2008, 05:58 PM
Funny story, I bought RB2 and within 5 songs in the tour I noticed my Green Pad was leaning over. When I looked the plastic mold had broken and it fell off. I am a real drummer and I just use RB as a practice tool in my apartment so I no, I don't hit hard. I just play too much. So I went out and purchase the new RB2 set and I have to say it is amazing. No more socks for better response or pads to muffle the tapping. This new set is just perfect and I recomend anyone to try it out.

This is my question... What addons are they going to have for this new set? I know they are going to add the cymbals within time but what about a double pedal kit? Infact, is there a modification out there where you can just use your own pedals like a real electronic set?

09-28-2008, 06:37 PM
I was wondering about how the new drums were, thanks for the review. As far as mods for real pedals, yes there are. Here is a link.


There is a better one with a microswitch, but I have yet to find it. When I do I will post in an edit.

09-28-2008, 09:06 PM
I guess a better review would be:

Response: Dead perfect. What took me hours in sock / rubber band tightening and loosening comes a finely tuned drum set out of the box.

Pedal: The pedal is the same it just has a metal plating for the people that accidently stomp to hard in the center. I never had trouble with this in the first place since I play heal up and the ball of my foot is always at the top.

Pads: They could have deadened the sound and could have made a greater bounce by just adding gum rubber (What is used on real practice pads) but then again this set would probably be $150 instead of $90 since a sheet of gum rubber is expensive! Also the glue they used seems to be wearing off the Red button because it's obviously used the most.

Frame: Now the two bottom bars are plastic and are in a upside down U shape so that when you lift the set up the Pedal doesn't fall off. The plastic seems strong enough but I liked the metal look better.

Upgrades: Cymbal upgrades comming soon?! =D

Overall: I was really wanting to get the Ion set and killing two birds with stone (A solid RB set and an electronic set up) but in all honesty if this set can take the beating it's showing right now I might just get the cymbal upgrades and keep it. Why spend $300 on the Ion when you can spend a lot less in this and get the same response? Also, with the drum freestyle in game I can really say I don't care about the additional $300 for the "brain" which I probably wasn't going to buy anyway.

09-28-2008, 10:38 PM
After looking at a bunch of mods I did find one that uses an actual bass practice pad where you can use your own double pedal set up using magnets with a cut off for the second pedal... However it will cost almost $100 it seems. So I decided to use my old RB Pedal to my broken set and buying a mono stereo splicer. Yes, if you keep your foot down on one pedal it wont work so I leave my foot off the secondary pedal until I find it necesary to use my other foot. I used to just share one pedal with both feet and the way I have it set up now is easier.

09-29-2008, 02:07 AM
Update: Blue pad is no longer functional... 100% DEAD!

Called customer support and they claimed they would have to charge me $120 to my credit card to ship me the new set and I guess when I ship the broken one they return that fee? She said just try to return it at Game Stop where I purchased it at. Man, what a downer.

I took the pad off and in the center is the an extention molded in to register a hit and there it had cracked. That's not all! The wiring was completley severed in two so that's why there were no registered hits at all... This is fantastic.