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10-14-2008, 06:02 PM
I appologize for putting this here and know it is wrong to do but the 08 boards are dead and I really need help.

Ok, I have read on a couple threads that my producer points will not go up if I use my wife's profile on my console and fail my challenges.

My question is, why are my producer points not going up when I fail them on her profile on her xbox?

I failed 5 challenges 3 times each. Then I went into 1 challenge and failed it 15 times over and over without leaving the challenge. I was hoping for 300 producer points for the 30 failed tries, or at least the 150 points for failing and then moving onto another challenge.

I moved the game out of her Xbox and into mine, logged in and went to the blade that shows how many Player and Producer points and it did not go up for me.

Please someone help me out and give me another idea on what to do. I currently have 1264 points and want to finish this game. The 5000 achievement is all that I have left to finish Tiger 08.

Thanks and sorry again for posting this in the wrong game thread, I just know that most of you in here have played 08 and have know reason to go back to the old boards.

10-14-2008, 06:06 PM
Please post this in the correct board, just because people have played 09 does not mean they have played 08.