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10-16-2008, 12:08 PM
There are some spoilers in here so don't read any further if you don't want to know them.

Stop it!!!

Ok you have your 7 main stats. STR hitting stuff with sticks and carrying stuff effects melee, END Health and rad res effects unarmed and big guns, AGI VATS and armour I think effects sneak and small guns, PER spotting stuff (shows up on the compass at the bottom as red for baddies light blue for friends) effects lock picking and explosives and energy weapons, INT skill points effects science, medicine and repair, CHA smoothness effects barter and speech, LUCK add bonus crit and each one increases all your skills. (not sure about all of these need to check when I get home)

When you first pick you points they can go up as well as down (didn't notice this first time through) I would max AGI STR CHA and END there’s no point having any in INT as you wont level till you get outside and you can change them before you leave the vault. With max STR you can take almost everything out of the vault, Max AGI maxes you vat points for easy killing, max CHA allows other chat options and max END just gives you more hp and less rad poisoning so easier to stay alive.

For the tag skills (can pick 3 skills to add 15 points to) there isn’t that much to hack or pick and you can find most of the keys and passwords with a little hunting. I stick mine in small arms melee and either repair, to help reduce the amount of crap I’m carrying, or med, to use less stimp’s.

When it all kicks off grab everything! If your nice to Amata she’ll give you a pistol and some ammo. Don’t forget the dresser it has the stuff you acquired as a sprog. Basically it’s just a case of running round and killing everything. The radroches can be killed with 1 melee hit using VATS you can jump around like a crazed killing machine! For most of the stuff it doesn’t matter if your nice or evil you get the same things. Now I wouldn’t kill the overseer as you might need him later on and Amata doesn’t seem to impressed with you and mainly I don’t think the guards spawn at the end when you kill him.

I would save before you leave the vault this is for 3 reasons: 1 the door closes behind you and you can’t get back in straight away 2 you can run back and look for stuff you’ve missed you found out about after 3 don’t have to do the starting bit again for a new toon (a good reason to be nice in there easy to become evil) there is an auto save when you leave but you can’t get back in with out the vault closing.

When you leave through the door you can redo all the choices you’ve made. So now you can select some in game stats. Don’t put any stats at 10 any bobble heads you get wont take you to 11 (tested with INT bobble head) I would lower CHA PER and a little bit of LUCK. My stats were AGI, STR, INT all 9 END 8 CHA and PER 1 LUCK 3 I think. I put one of my perks into END to bring it to 9. I didn’t take the xp perk as (though not sure) there’s a level cap of 20, if there isn’t it might be worth taking it.

Once I was free a put most of my points in repair and pimped out my armours and weapons. Because I’m lazy I changed the setting to normal and humped it to megaton ran in and got the location then high tailed it to rivet city (south west corner)to get the INT bobble head (on Dr Li’s desk) once I’d got that I’d only lost 1 skill point from levelling up to 2 when I got out so all good. Changed it back to very hard for extra xp goodness.

That’s about as far as I’ve got with this toon hope it helps people spending time restarting a char over and over again.