View Full Version : cant purchase weapon ammo! help plz

10-18-2008, 01:52 AM
for some reason i cant buy stechal charge ammo from the gun store even though its in my inventory, and online in co op i cant buy throwing weapon ammo altogether.

i think it might be glitching because when i got the flamethrower and sniper, everytime i go to buy ammo they are alwayz shown in my inventory, even though i dont have them.

also when i switch a weapon out that has ammo, like my grenades, or sniper, the ammo disapears when i reload the game. only the guns on me's ammo stays.

my only true problem because i feel if my sniper/flamethrower stays in my inventory my ammo for it would stay, is that i want to kno is why i cant buy throwing weapon ammo online in co op and why i cant buy stechal charges ammo altogether in co op and single player.

btw i iunlocked the stechal charges online in co op.

the two only people i played with online just started or arnt through the story very far. but i can buy ammo for every other weapon, so it doesnt make sense that its because they havent unlocked it yet.

so plz help me why cant i buy stechal charge ammo in single and in co op along with all the other throwing weapon ammo.