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UK Mylo
10-19-2008, 02:19 PM
My idea is to include a brief summary of all the basic questions people have about a game within the achievement guide.

My idea is to put this small table of info at the top of an achievement guide, so people can find out quickly important info about the game and DON'T have to endless spam forums with "Cheats work?", "Difficulty Stackable?" & "How Long?" threads, as this info would be EASILY available, even to peeps too lazy to search.

It would basically look something like this:

Total Achievements:
Total GS Available (Retail):
No of Single Player Achievements:
No of Multiplayer/Live Achievements:
Completion Time:
Difficult/Tough Achievements:
Glitched/Unattainable Achievements:
Difficulty Stackable:
Cheats Disable Achievements:
Playthrus Required:
Missable Content:

And filled in it would look like this.....

Game: Cars - Mater-national (first thing that came to mind!)
Total Achievements: 16
No of Single Player Achievements: 16
No of Multiplayer/Live Achievements: 0
Completion Time: 6-10 Hours
Difficult/Tough Achievements: None (it's a kids game!)
Glitched/Unattainable Achievements: None (no know issues)
Difficulty Stackable: N/A Difficulty does not effect Achievements
Cheats Disable Achievements: No (cheats work!)
No of Playthrus Required: 1
Missable Content: None (Back tracking allowed)

Of course you could add/remove fields & info, and this wouldn't have to be the final revision IF (big if) the idea was approved. I'm sure if the idea was deemed as favourable, it would be worthwhile to get members to suggest what info they would like included.

So, let me know what you think!

10-19-2008, 03:28 PM
This is already in use on all new guides under the name of a "Road Map". Each one will include time taken to 1k, missable acheivements etc.

Feel free to write some yourself for older games too, but putting this on the guide team would be way too much work.