View Full Version : Mission Problem "Destroy the Tank wagon"

10-24-2008, 07:16 PM
I'm having some trouble with this Mission,I don't think there is a name, but you are given the task to destoy a tank wagon in the train yard on the very west egde of the northern map.
So,now I defeated all the enemies here, but now how do I destroy it?
In the briefing it was said that I couldn't just shoot,that I had to deploy a bomb.
Only I don't have one on me,now I'm guessing that I have to get on top of that wagon,only I don't see a way.
I've tried all possibilities I can think of but didn't reach it.
Ist that the right way to go?So how do I get up there?Or is that not even necessary?How do I destroy that thing?

Edit : Ok,simple solution,an RPG did the job.I could have figured that out earlier...