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UEF Missions 1-3

Mission 1 - Operation Black Earth

This is an expanded training mission and is very easy, even on hard. Just follow the objectives until the mass expands and you can see the research facility and enemy base. You will definitely want to capture the power facilities (optional objective) to get artillery in the research facility powered up. After that, send spy planes over the enemy base on a regular basis (you can completely automate it with the move command on an air facility) to keep the artillery with targets. The base is reasonably well defended from the north, so take your army of tanks and mobile artillery to the west past your captured T2 power generators and attack from the rear where there are no defenses. As soon as the enemy ACU is visible, have all of your units target him or he can wipe out your whole army. When he explodes, mission complete.

Mission 2 - Operation Snow Blind

This is one of the exceptions to the tip in the guide about "no need to rush" since you have a generator that will explode if you don't fix it. You do have a good chunk of time to repair it, but don't forget to do so or you will lose the mission. You will need to clear out a large number of anti-air units so that you can fly an engineer to the generator, so get a land factory or two pumping out medium tanks. Once you have 20 or 30, get them busy attacking and build an air factory. You want some interceptors to fly CAP over your base and the surrounding area, then build the transport and fly your engineer over to repair the generator.

The Aeon will assault the research facility next, so build land and air defenses to the south of the base. It wouldn't hurt to fly another engineer or two over there to help. Also, make sure you build/upgrade all the mass extractors you can to Tech 2 because you will need the mass. Your base also will need quite a few air defenses at the southwest corner, so get those queued up. You also will want to move your CAP to cover the map horizontally at the Luthien base. Once you are ready and have a pretty decent sized army, queue up everything asked for at Luthien. The fast way to move the trucks that appear is to pick them up with the gunships and fly north then east to the research facility, assigning 5-10 interceptors to assist them. Alternately, just keep the trucks close to your army with a strong CAP overhead, and you can route them on a northerly route to the facility.

The last stage is to take out the enemy commander, who is hiding in a decent sized base to the south. A frontal assault is possible, but it will take a while with a coordinated assault force. Much easier is to fly a couple engineers down the east side of the map all the way to the bottom. Build some air and land defenses, then two to four land factories. Get at least two engineers to help each factory, and start pumping out tech two units, especially mobile missile launchers. There are essentially zero defenses at the back of the base, but there are some scattered in the middle and the ones to the north can shoot south, and mobile units will come defend as well. However, as you move your army west and north, target the power generators first, and you can also build some turrets with engineers closer to the edge of the base to continually peck away at them. Note that on hard, this requires good timing, and remember to build some anti-air turrets to defend the land turrets. If you are playing on hard, it wouldn't hurt to build an air factory in the SE corner as well, and pump out gunships, holding a group of 20 or so until the enemy ACU is visible. As soon as the enemy ACU is visible, have everyone target him to end the mission.

Mission 3 - Operation Metal Shark

The base is pretty trashed, so repair, rebuild, etc. There are a lot of strong air attacks coming in, so a strong CAP and lots of turrets are a good idea. You also will want a force of 15-20 subs for offense and 5-10 frigates for additional air defense and to catch any ships the subs miss. I would recommend at least two naval factories. Also, remember that anti-air turrets can be built on the water, which can help kill targets further out. When Arnold dies, the map expands. There is a strong naval force and 4 torpedo turrets defending the island where the black box is, so take your time to build up your economy and get more naval facilities in operation. There are a couple approaches that work: you can spam out T1 bombers and send them in groups of 20 or so to take out the ships and torpedo launchers, or you can build T2 torpedo bombers and do the same thing (they kill faster, but take longer to build) or send in groups of 20 subs, targeting the turrets first. Regardless, when that is done, capture the black box and the map expands again.

Immediately upgrade all naval facilities to T2, and double check that your CAP is covering all of your bases. You will have a lot of gunships incoming, and they can be pretty devastating if you are not prepared. You can now build an air staging facility near your CAP patrol route, which will heal and repair your interceptors.

There is a small base to the west of the main base that you need to kill (gunships are the easiest method), and then spam out subs. T2 shipyards build them very fast, and send them in groups to take out enemy fleets, torpedo turrets, and shipyards. Once their naval facilities are gone, you can self-destruct any remaining subs and switch to T2 naval units. Send them in a group of 10-20 to slowly destroy the base starting at the west side, and assign interceptors to assist (this causes them to fly CAP over the fleet). The interceptors will also serve to extend the sight of the fleet, letting them target further inland since their range exceeds their vision. The fleet can kill the ACU for you, or you can send in 20 gunships to do so once most of the anti-air turrets have been destroyed. Mission complete.

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UEF Missions 4-6

Mission 4 - Operation Vaccine

You start north of a river and there are several bases south that you need to kill. You want to build an air factory, spit out some engineers to get power and mass coming in, and scout out the area. Build some T2 air defenses and possibly a CAP as well. If you take too long, the AI will send amphibious tanks at you, so build ground defenses as well. Tech up all you can and take out the base to the southwest. Gunships or a couple naval units work well, or you can just over-run it with T1 tanks, it is a wimpy outpost and not much trouble, but you want the mass points around there. Next is to destroy the enemies at the southern research facility, but don't capture it yet. Build defense to the east of your main base. You will need land and air defenses, with your air defenses layered to catch leakers. You can also build some ships to defend that side of the base if you want, can't hurt. When you are ready, complete the objective and the map expands.

Build shields to protect your eastern base when you get that spec, preferably overlapping. Scout the map and target anti-air turrets and tactical missile launchers with bombers or gunships. You need to get a collection of land and anti-air units to escort the rescued scientists, but the tactical missiles will destroy you if you miss any. It also is a good idea to set up a CAP over the southern part of the map. There will also be regular air and amphibious attacks on your base, so maintain the CAP there, repair and rebuild as necessary.

Capture the facility and escort the scientists to the southern edge of the map with your land force, and get them through the gate. Next is blowing up the Aeon commander. You can hit the base with naval units and then take the ACU out with gunships very quickly. Your next objective is to build three radar installations at marked points, but you need to task 5-10 interceptors with escorting any engineers, and they need to build 3-4 air defenses around each location before building the radar because enemy gunships will come and target the radar and the engineers. While you are doing this, build up a group of 20-30 gunships under your shields at your base, and assign them to a group. As soon as the radars are all up, you see another small base and a spiderbot will start charging your base. Take him out with the gunships, and then send them to destroy the base.

Mission 5 - Operation Forge

You are going to need lots more mass and energy, so queue up T3 engineers and get cracking. You will need T3 shield generators, especially in the SE corner of your main base. T3 air defenses all around, and T2 point defenses primarily to the SE. If you have time and mass, some T2 artillery is good, but make sure the effective range is within your radar coverage or it is wasted effort. A strong CAP over each city supported by a T2 air staging facility is mandatory! When instructed to do so, build T3 strategic missile defenses at each city and your main base. Stop all other activity while doing so, and you may need to actively manage how many engineers are working to ensure at least 3 of the 4 get done before nukes are incoming. You can safely lose one city, but that is it (and it is quite possible to protect all of them). As soon as the defenses are built, they each need at least one missile built as well, so keep engineers assisting until that is done. You can turn off the build at that point to save mass if you need to.

Next is destroying 3 strategic missile launchers, one of which is in Arnold's base to the SE. There are two to the east that can easily be taken out by gunships or T2 artillery. You can take out the one in Arnold's base with 6-8 T3 bombers or destroy the whole base with siege bots and mobile artillery. Two Cybran heavy artillery start firing at you next, but gunships will wipe them out in a hurry. They both have some anti-air defenses, so target those first, then the artillery. Again, T3 bombers work as well. After that, escort the scientists from each city to the gate in your base, then get your ACU there as well and mission complete.

Mission 6 - Operation Stone Wall

First step is to build base defenses, especially air defenses around your naval factories (remember, air turrets can be built in water!) It is quite difficult to keep the northernmost sections of your base later in the mission, so you may want to write them off and just focus on the main area. You also want to pump out some T3 battleships for defense and a good number of subs. Upgrade your ACU to T3 engineering suites and increased resource allocation. Upgrade the SCU to an engineering drone and increased resource allocation (it is already a restricted T3 engineer). Task the SCU to build 6-7 T2 shields around the Black Sun (and upgrade them to T3 when that becomes available!) and then to assist the Black Sun. This causes the SCU to automatically heal the Black Sun anytime it gets damaged since you can't fully cover it with shields. There are existing strategic missile defense structures, so make sure they have missiles, upgrade any mass extractors as needed, and make sure you have lots of power and mass reserves. You also want to expand your shielding. the map will expand in every direction, so be prepared on all sides. Due south can be light, however. Build 1 or 2 nukes and 10-15 T3 bombers.

When ready, send a strong naval force (I used 40 subs and 5 battleships, plus a CAP of interceptors) to take out the defenses around the island with the component, then use a transport to bring the component home and the map expands.

The Aeon base to the SE is protected from nukes, but if you drop one at the western naval facility, you can get a solid start. After that, a force of 6-8 battleships supported by a strong CAP and a couple engineers to repair them can take the entire base out. You can use the T3 bombers to take out the enemy ACU which will flatten a lot of the base (or wait for the battleships to do so if you want). You can use groups of 10 subs from the north to take out ships and torpedo launchers also. While that is happening, use your ACU and a few T3 engineers to build 3-4 mobile factory experimental units and station them to the north of your base (but in your shield radius). Upgrade all of your shields to T3 at this point, esp the four around the Black Sun. The map expands when the last structure on the Aeon island is destroyed, so feel free to hold off on the last couple if you aren't done building and upgrading yet. LOTS of air defenses and a solid CAP of T3 air superiority fighters are a good idea. You can sacrifice most of your southern turrets if you hit the unit cap, and build naval and air defenses between the island where you picked up the component and your shipyards, as well as to the west of your base. It can be handy to have a full load of nukes at this point also. If you want to keep all of your outlying northern base, make sure you have your mobile factories up there. You also will want a good number of gunships either way.

As soon as the Aeon base is destroyed, the map expands to the north, east and west. Spiderbots come from the north (supported by a lot of T1 cannon fodder) which need to be taken out quickly with gunships and/or mobile factories. You need to split your fleet to both sides of your base and keep pumping out battleships. Large navies start coming at you from both the NE and NW at regular intervals. Torpedo turrets and battleships can easily deal with them, but make sure they stay repaired and have a CAP of interceptors. You can drop nukes on them if you start losing the naval battle, although aim can be tricky.

When the Black Sun is 50% charged, another large group of Cybran land units will come from the north. Scout them to locate the spiderbots and get ready to take them out. The Aeons will actually nuke about half of them for you, although they may hit edges of your base as well. You can try to hit them with nukes, or take them out with gunships and mobile factories when they get a little closer.

At 65% charged, three new experimental units come at you. The two flying fortresses will fall pretty quickly to air defenses and your CAP, but if they leak through they can kill the Black Sun in one shot. The submersible battleship to the NE can be a pain if you don't have your torpedo turrets at full strength. If you have unit capacity to spare, a reserve of subs can be helpful to take him out.

At 85% charged, a flying aircraft carrier appears, but it is very weak defensively. Arnold will come to shore to the NW, but you can drop a nuke on him or take him out with gunships or T3 bombers quite easily.

At 100% charged, select the Black Sun central structure, choose Fire from the action menu, and watch the ending sequence.

Well done!

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Cybran Missions 1-3

Mission 1 - Operation Liberation

As with the other two Mission 1s, this is essentially an expansion of the training mission and is very straightforward. Build mass and power, capture everything, and destroy the few enemies to the NW (you want their mass extractors, so either capture or destroy and rebuild.) The map expands when the last one is destroyed.

You have a few patrols to defeat, a group of 15 anti-air bots and 15 light artillery bots should do the trick just fine. You then get the ability to make heavy combat bots, so build 70-80 of them and you can wipe out the base to the east. There is light air cover, so be sure to task some interceptors to assist or bring along some anti-air. The map expands when you have leveled the base. Send a solid army of 80-100 heavy combat bots at the Aeon commander, with anti-air support, and the mission should be done in 30 minutes total.

Mission 2 - Operation Artifact

Tech up, get mass extractors built, etc. You have periodic air attacks coming, and there will be some ground attacks on more rare occasions. Turrets can easily deal with all of them. Build T2 tanks and send 5-10 to the NE, where the first Seraphim tech is in a temple (you have to manually target it) protected by a light force. The second piece is in a temple to the SE, but you want to go in strong with T2 tanks and anti-air support (CAP works well) as this one is defended much stronger. As soon as you take out the temple, those units and your base will be hit pretty hard. Have lots of air turrets at your base, especially on the east. The map then expands.

There are two Aeon bases: A naval base to the south and a medium base to the east. You can take in a strong land force sweeping north to south through the eastern base, or you can fly some engineers to the SE and build some naval factories to spit out some frigates and shell everything you can reach. Finish it up with a land or air assault. The southern base has a strong naval force, but 30 subs can easily take them out, then destroy the naval factories. Alternately, you can send in a light ground force from the east and take out all the land facilities, then build some T2 turrets near the shore and they will finish it off for you. You may need to hunt down a stray ship or two patrolling further north before the map will expand.

Mach has been brainwashed, so you have to kill him next. He is in a lightly defended base to the SE, so build some land factories nearby and steamroll him with missile launchers. When he blows up, fly your ACU to the quantum gate and the mission ends.

Mission 3 - Operation Defrag

Very first thing, send all of your tanks to the west and defend the city from the incoming forces. You don't have enough turrets to do so, and you don't have time to build more. Next, build your economy and a land factory with your ACU, pump out some engineers, and start teching up. Once you have defenses and a CAP going, the easy way to take out the UEF bases is to walk T2 turrets up to them. You will need to build a radar if you lose the one you start with. Make sure to build on mass points as the opportunity arises, and build a few air factories along the way. The map expands when the last structure is destroyed in all three bases.

Brackman is being hit by a cruiser and two artillery emplacements. Bombers or mobile missile launchers can take out them all out one at a time. Hit the artillery first (one to the east, one to the NE) and then the cruiser. Despite the pleas from Brackman, he is in no danger, so you can take the time to upgrade all of your mass extractors to T2, and it is a good idea to locate the quantum gate and builld 5-10 T2 anti-air turrets slightly north of it. Get a strong CAP going east-west from your base to Brackman's base, then take out the cruiser. You will shortly be escorting three groups of five trucks from Brackman's base to the quantum gate. Build up 30 or so T2 land units (mix of heavy bots and anti-air) while you wait for all 15 to appear, and then select all the trucks and send them to the gate, tasking your land force to assist them. Lots of air units will be coming in, including some transporting ground units, but your CAP, turrets and land escort should easily defeat them. The map expands when the last truck goes through the gate.

You need to destroy the UEF commander to end the mission. You can build a force of 40-50 gunships and just go straight at him, or build an army of mobile missile launchers supported by a CAP of interceptors, and transport it up north (you also could build some land factories much closer to his base, and save the transport hassle.) Attacking from the west is the easiest approach, and ignore any defenses once you see the enemy ACU.

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Cybran Missions 4-6

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Aeon Missions 1-3

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Aeon Missions 4-6

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cheers for the walkthrough
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No problem. I really need to finish it up, got sucked into Culdcept Saga. ROFL!

Let me know if you see anything wrong, but it should be pretty accurate, I have gone through the campaigns twice now on hard.

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If anybody is looking for a good campaign guide, this one over at GameFaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/928861-supreme-commander/faqs/47111) worked pretty well for me. The opponents throw crazy numbers of units at you on hard, so be prepared.

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I know this thread is old and probably long dead by now but... Great guide here but sucks that it ends at cybran 4-6 especially as I'm stuck on cybran mission 4 and aeon mission 6 :'( I love this game but hate that I can't get any further :( any chance of someone finishing the guide? Or redirecting me? I can't seem to find any that work on my phones browser :(