View Full Version : Speed Demon + Hard Target

10-26-2008, 03:39 PM
Two questions regarding these achievements:

1. When trying for the Hard Target achievement if I'm about to die is it possible to hit the "X" symbol in the middle of the controller and go straight to the dashboard and exit the game that way? And then just re-load the game from the dashboard instead of completely turning off the 360... will this work? I'm trying to avoid having to turn off my 360 all the time.

2. When trying for the Speed Demon achievement can I go for this while trying to get the Hard Target achievement at the same time? Since I will be stopping the game and re-loading it. Or does it have to be done in one straight play through without re-loading?


EDIT: I was able to answer both of my question myself. I just finished the entire game on a 2nd run through and got both the Speed Demon and Hard Target achievements. It was a LOT easier than the first time around too! However, I did die (twice) at the final boss. One of those times it was a STUPID mistake and should have never died, but thats besides the point. Both times when I had died all I did was quickly hit the "X" in the middle of the controller to bring me back to the 360 dashboard and then I just restarted the game from there... still got the achievements.