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Conversation Between Evil Demon55 and The Pants Party
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  1. Evil Demon55
    12-15-2009 04:34 AM
    Evil Demon55
    I don't mind my thread being shot down, as I have already stated. I just don't like your last word needing attitude. My thread was an ok idea, not great not bad. Not good enough for the site, fair enough, but your attitude was what got me. If you said what you said and left it open, I would have been 100% fine. If you gave evidence of why it was bad/not needed I would of seen your point and agreed. But no, you say "this sucks, cause it won't happen because..." "LOCK" then I'm going to be pissed. I want to get every possible answer of thatt topic to see 100% why it is so bad, or atleast a good 60%. Your 10% is just not good enough.

    Again, I don't mind the thread being rejected, I just hate your "I'm the best" attitude.

    I'm going to add, that I have contacted the complaints board, (similar subject) they just don't care, and get this---mods can see it! How do I know? I sent a complaint, 5 minutes later I saw a mod responde to the complaint (not 1 admin logged in during that hour).
  2. The Pants Party
    12-15-2009 03:54 AM
    The Pants Party
    I'm nobody? I'm part of the staff. I help make the decisions that run the site. If you don't like my answer, submit a complaint or contact someone higher up (admins) and see what they think. But in this case, I can 100% guarantee you they would agree with me on this decision, hence the reason I shot it down, hence the reason I locked the thread. There is no need to discuss something that has a complete 0% chance of happening on this site. Which is exactly what your suggestion falls under.

    I can also guarantee if it was an admin that directly shot your idea down, you wouldn't have gone on this tirade, so I'd check your attitude at the door next time. They put me in this position because they trust my judgment, so you can like it or not, but that's the way it is.
  3. Evil Demon55
    12-15-2009 01:45 AM
    Evil Demon55
    Yea, easy to check dates in the game info box. I don't have the time to find out which games are like above, so that is why I just put "Game", but games are like that. Halo is somewhat like that.

    So I find it pointless to even lock that thread, it had thought, it had improvement. It may not have been great, but you once again, last word and locked, which shows your personalitly.

    I wish I could have posted this in my thread, but I can't. I could have PMed this, but then it wouldn't been like the thread, where people can read it. It is harder to response about a thread, not in the thread. I respect your opinion, but I still find it pointless to lock a thread, just because you, yourself, don't like it. Who are you to speak for a whole? You in reality nobody, just like the rest of us.

    Not trying to be rude about this, I am just doing the same as you.
  4. Evil Demon55
    12-15-2009 01:45 AM
    Evil Demon55
    I find it really stupid to lock the thread, it may be unneeded for you, but that's you. As I said the sites dates are almost always wrong, or they do not have dates at all.

    I have no idea why you posted the same response when you even quoted me, whereas in that quote I already mentioned what I jsut repeated. Older games should be updated, and new games are still wrong.

    I am not saying it was a good idea, nor a bad idea, what the main point of the idea was, since games have prequels and sequels of prequels the series get out of order, and that is why the idea was thought of. Yes, I could check x360a release dates but this is what it would look like.

    Game 1- Jan 1, 06
    Game 2 - March 3, 07
    Game 1 Preqeul - No date
    Game 3 - No date
    Game 2 Sequel - Sep 1 08
    Game 1 Preqel--Sequel - No date
  5. Evil Demon55
    06-14-2009 04:28 AM
    Evil Demon55
    I fought you, and I had you till I lost my weapon, and then that dang dog of yours... he bit the crap outa me, then you just had to pop out a whip. I got dominated by you.... :\ haha
  6. Evil Demon55
    05-20-2009 05:57 AM
    Evil Demon55
    Well without games in mind, I cannot go to a store. I want to have games in mind before I buy them. Gamestop's website is just a list of games, not lowest price first... so cannot do so -.-
  7. Evil Demon55
    01-22-2009 07:07 AM
    Evil Demon55
    Ok, I'm not looking forward to it either hopefully somewhere in the future you can finaly get a full 1000 in it
  8. The Pants Party
    01-22-2009 06:38 AM
    The Pants Party
    I'm just going to forget about it. Wasn't really looking forward to playing the crappy single player again anyway.
  9. Evil Demon55
    01-22-2009 06:31 AM
    Evil Demon55
    Alright, want me to wait for you, or are you just going to give up with the game and not bother getting another copy?
  10. The Pants Party
    01-22-2009 06:26 AM
    The Pants Party
    Nope, sorry.

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