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Conversation Between CriscoDisco878 and Vendetta
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  1. CriscoDisco878
    10-18-2009 06:59 PM
    alright just changed it. how does one get into GSL anyones
  2. Vendetta
    10-18-2009 12:45 AM
    boosting for fifa is on hold until GSL starts. I was convinced to partake in it.

    also to change your GT link for this profile: click on your about me tab, go to gamertag and click on the pencil and change it and boom.
  3. CriscoDisco878
    10-09-2009 03:51 AM
    well i have no idea how to do that so if you could help me out there that'd be great. yeah fifa street sounds fine, im just waiting for a friend to come over and boost the singleplayer stuff with me. does the dlc even have its own achievements?
  4. Vendetta
    10-08-2009 09:38 PM
    you need to change link your new tag to your forum name FYI.

    Also we shall boost fifa street here soon. Maybe we should both get the single player shit done first then do the multi
  5. CriscoDisco878
    08-31-2009 03:33 AM
    yeah it seemed like you blew through the hard mode in like 5 hours. haha. anyways, does gh5 have any multiplayer achievements? im picking it up Tuesday and im a good guitarist and we should get those. that is if you're interested in doing it.
  6. Vendetta
    08-31-2009 01:48 AM
    it didnt take too long. Getting used to the combat challenges was the only hard part. It took all week but that was with like 2-3 hr sessions. I didnt have much time this week to sit down and play it.
  7. CriscoDisco878
    08-31-2009 12:29 AM
    hey congrats on your 1k on Batman! how long did it take? i started it, got about half way through and then it said my file got corrupt so i gave it to my brother cause i am not in the mood.
  8. CriscoDisco878
    07-14-2009 12:21 AM
    yeah it was good. haha. yeah i saw your sig, i would like one haha
  9. Vendetta
    07-13-2009 11:16 PM
    well i guess that was a good B-day present for you then. God my jaw hit the floor when I saw those pics.

    Also did you see my sexy sexy sig?
  10. CriscoDisco878
    07-13-2009 12:33 AM
    you sent those on my bday btw. thanks for the present. haha

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