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Conversation Between icky2049 and Tomo2015
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  1. icky2049
    08-06-2010 07:17 PM
    Thanks for your help with fine tuning the guide, but after you told me about the witch i went back and farmed her spell out again.

    How i farm it out is i hit her with a Featherblade (mine is rank one so 18 damage.) and then i wait for a heal, but if she doesn't heal then i keep slide tackling her (about 2-3 damage.) Eventually she will heal everytime so i haven't had a problem with farming her and killing her yet.

    also with the imp i ment the switch where you release the axe/hammer on stage 3 because on my game they just keep spawning there.
  2. Tomo2015
    08-06-2010 02:15 PM
    Just a couple super picky things about your Charlotte list.

    - There is a Glasya Labolas in Chapter 2 right above the boss.

    - For Heal, the witches have about 31 hp, so ideally if your weapon does 8-10 pts of damage, you can hit her 2-3 times and get her to heal. I've noticed during my heal farming that if I've hit her 3 times (and the 4th will kill her) and she's used Energy Flow 3x she's likely never going to heal and you are better off just killing her and moving on/restarting.

    - The imps on Chapter 3 are actually not unlimited. A friend and I were working on that chapter a couple times last night and while I was working on resetting the hammer, eventually they would stop coming out. Your point is still true, it's the best place to farm that spell, but again, just being nit-picky.

    That's it. Done being OCD. I wanted to send to you in PM because I didn't want my comments to detract from the great post.

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