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Conversation Between UCB Disco and KayCeaEffahless
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  1. KayCeaEffahless
    01-15-2011 04:49 AM
    Well it goes by several titles: キルミーベイベー; Baby, Please Kill Me; Kiru Mii Beibee
    You get the point, it's all along the same lines( A "baby" is being asked to kill whichever name you go with>,>)

    p.s. Really late response ftw
  2. UCB Disco
    09-06-2010 05:18 PM
    UCB Disco
    Gotcha. I don't read too many manga or watch too many anime, so I'm unaware of many, many things outside of Shonen Jump. I figured with it being in katakana, it would be some random English phrase/title.

    Also, is the title really キルミーベイベー? Normally in katana, "baby" is spelled ベイビー. Not doubting you, but I just find it really strange to spell it differently.
  3. KayCeaEffahless
    09-05-2010 01:06 AM
    Wow oh really,that's nice>,> Honestly I already knew that but decided to go with Beibii instead of Beibee for no real reason but a matter of preference. Just like how my name KayCea isn't the "proper" way to spell Casey but once again, i prefer it that way. Thx for the "help"?

    Btw it's the title for a relatively unknown comedy manga called "Kill Me Baby"
  4. UCB Disco
    09-04-2010 07:57 PM
    UCB Disco
    Hey. Just saw your post in one of the Scott Pilgrim threads, and I noticed there is a mistake in your profile. キルミーベイベー in Romanized characters would be Kirumii Beibee, not Beibii. If you want "Beibii", it would be ベイビー. Hope that helps.

    Also, what are you trying to say with キルミー? I have never heard this world used in my entire time in Japan. Is it just a cartoon/comic term or something?

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