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Conversation Between I King Pin 0 and Parkerktm
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  1. Parkerktm
    04-18-2009 09:17 PM
    2nd place and a 3rd place, thats pretty impressive. Granted 1st is where you want to get to, but there were a lot more teams this season then last.

    Was it like last season where it was elimination or was it like the originall GSL seasons?
  2. I King Pin 0
    04-18-2009 08:59 PM
    I King Pin 0
    Hey man, well we finished in 3rd place which was better than 15 other teams and we were playing a man down the whole season.
  3. Parkerktm
    04-14-2009 09:43 PM
    hey man long time no talk.

    i was checking up on GSL for the first time this season and couldn't believe that you were in it. i thought last year was the end of it, any how, how are u guys doing?
  4. Parkerktm
    01-09-2009 09:52 PM
    i'm doing ok, hit me up someday.

    But i'm selling my 360 and leaving the site within the next couple of weeks. My goodbye letter is in the member profile section.
  5. I King Pin 0
    01-05-2009 01:31 AM
    I King Pin 0
    Hey man, just figured I would check up on an old friend of mine.

    How was your holidays? Get a bunch of games? I see you been playing some Halo so if you wanna play sometime I'm definately down for some.
  6. I King Pin 0
    10-01-2008 02:57 AM
    I King Pin 0
    Yeah homie I hear you loud and clear. My score has increased less than 500 points since the end of the Gsl. I just can't seem to touch complete shit games without having a purpose behind them. I'm looking forward to Fable 2 and definately Gears. Im holding off on getting the new Rock Band till the bundle comes out so i can upgrade on my instruments.
  7. Parkerktm
    09-30-2008 06:12 AM
    well it's good to see all is well, i agree with you though how a break is in store for everyone. I have not actually signed into live through my console for almost a month now and i don't get on the site nearly as much as i used to, i just have more important things to do that are higher priorities then just dickin around on an xbox site. Pretty soon here, i'm going to completely stop posting on the forums and just use the site for the guides, just like the good ol' days . I also decided that i'm never doing GSL again, after last seasons cheating i told myself i would not make that mistake again. Plus it wasn't for me, whoring day after day for only an badge on a website. I hardly even aim towards getting points anymore, i've practically just play RSV2 (what a surprise ), COD4, and Halo 3 MP. Once Gears 2, Fallout 3, and FarCry 2 and COD5 come out i'll be playing those too.
  8. I King Pin 0
    09-30-2008 01:04 AM
    I King Pin 0
    No man, just had to have a much needed break.
  9. Parkerktm
    09-29-2008 07:06 AM
    dude have you completely abandoned the site?

    I never see you on live or x360a anymore! Whats up?

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