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Conversation Between xYx VeNoM xYx and LilMissRoxy
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  1. LilMissRoxy
    10-31-2008 05:10 PM

  2. LilMissRoxy
    10-08-2008 05:42 PM
    I barely even got to play GoW and it basically gave me the middle finger.
  3. xYx VeNoM xYx
    10-08-2008 12:13 AM
    xYx VeNoM xYx
    No, my system wouldnt read any disc not any game, cd, or dvd... I could play demos and arcade games but that was it.... Its funny you brought up the Gears disc... My gears disc seriously has so many scratches on, how idk b/c i take care of my games... but im seriously waiting for the moment where my gears disc just says fuck it, i cant do this anymore....
  4. LilMissRoxy
    10-07-2008 03:56 PM
    *knocks on your head too*
    Disc reading problem huh? I can't get my GoW disc to read..
    my first one that had to be sent back went all black but I could still hear the audio and stuff. Was weird..
    So my xbox knows not to break again because he knows what the men in those repair shops do to it..
  5. xYx VeNoM xYx
    10-07-2008 04:52 AM
    xYx VeNoM xYx
    Yeah, I havent had the RROD yet. *Knocks on head* Although my first xbox did break due to some disc reading problem... Kinda pissed me off b/c I called MS and they said the warranty had expired, then after I buy a new one, they come out and say we've extended the warranties to 3 yrs... BOOOOO.... It will be an Afghan or Iranian fondling it, you have to remember that lol.
  6. LilMissRoxy
    10-06-2008 06:11 PM
    Hahah I forget to turn my xbox off all the time....I show it love all the time though as I've never had RROD yet. *knocks on wood*. Must know that if it breaks on me I'm going to send it away to some dude who will be fondling it instead.
  7. xYx VeNoM xYx
    10-04-2008 07:38 AM
    xYx VeNoM xYx
    The green name.... What are you talking about..... I love how you managed to be away for like 15 hrs earlier today, if i were to do that i would get the rrod death in no time...but i guess your xbox knows your a girl or something so it gives you some leway...
  8. LilMissRoxy
    10-03-2008 03:52 PM
    Hehe yeah I'm not surprised. I have met a lot of great people here though so I don't have to play on live with randoms now. Niceeeee on subscribing again. I love the green name.
  9. xYx VeNoM xYx
    10-03-2008 07:09 AM
    xYx VeNoM xYx
    Yeah it just kinda works that way if your better than someone at a game... then they accuse you of playing it all day and being a loser... which if it were the case im sure i'd be a pro at gaming and getting paid to do it..... Anywho, I renewed my subscription so it looks like im keeping this GT at least until it gets perma banned.
  10. LilMissRoxy
    10-02-2008 07:07 PM
    Yep. I rarely play online with randoms for that reason. I played GH: Aerosmith last weekend and I had punk kids talkin dirty and smack to me the whole time. "You can't be a real girl because real girls wouldn't beat me" or "you must be fat" lol.. ok
    As the day goes on I'm getting better. Do you work or go to school?

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