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Conversation Between Violet Grim and LilMissRoxy
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  1. Violet Grim
    09-12-2009 08:15 PM
    Violet Grim
    Mexican Tea sounds like such a nice name for paint. I'm addicted to hardware stores, man... I can't walk past one without going in and buying myself a new tool or toy!

    Earth tone/neutral colours is such a good idea; I've recently been mucking around with some sampler pots in my lounge room, as it's also the playroom / nap room for my housemate's twins... Basically I want to find a colour that little girls like and that I like. And that Jesse (that's my housemate) & my dad like too.
  2. LilMissRoxy
    09-10-2009 09:22 PM
    Miss Grim, I'm sorry this took me an assload of time to respond to you! I was kinda gone all summer. How are things going? What have I missed?
    I did even more home reno's this past weekend. Painted my upstairs..whew that was quite the workout. Started Friday and finished on Monday. Looks fab though! Went with the color Mexican Tea, which is a soft brown, and will be doing earth tone/neutral colors in the place. Can't wait to get dark chocolate furniture!
  3. Violet Grim
    04-27-2009 09:13 AM
    Violet Grim
    Ooh, home renovations, exciting stuff! I want a new kitchen, as mine is smaller than a public toilet, ha ha. I haven't played much Call of Duty, just the new one. I quite liked it though (apart from the raining grenades on veteran mode, ugh). Hopefully you get some more time to play soon, we should start a girls only CoD team!
  4. LilMissRoxy
    04-27-2009 04:58 AM
    Hi Miss Grim, how are you doing? Things are doing very well from my end. My home renovations gone very well, looking very good in here. I have a new couch that I just bought, it arrived yesterday for my home theatre room and I'm taking up tennis. How about you? I've been playing call of duty lately, starting to get the hang of it. Don't have very much time to play lately though.
  5. Violet Grim
    04-22-2009 05:39 AM
    Violet Grim
    Hello Miss Rae, how are things? Played any good games recently?
  6. LilMissRoxy
    03-04-2009 05:58 PM
    I've seen plenty of boobs on the forums! Especially moobs...
  7. Violet Grim
    03-04-2009 05:49 PM
    Violet Grim
    LOL I just realised... No boobs allowed on the forums!
  8. LilMissRoxy
    03-04-2009 05:48 PM
    I think you've scarred me for life.

    Would you like to butter his rolls?? *shudder*
  9. Violet Grim
    03-04-2009 05:34 PM
    Violet Grim
    PS. I think mine's heaps hotter. Don't you agree?
  10. Violet Grim
    03-04-2009 05:33 PM
    Violet Grim
    Never mind, I found my own sexy man!

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