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Conversation Between Violet Grim and Qwertygirl
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  1. Violet Grim
    09-12-2009 08:23 PM
    Violet Grim
    Oh man that's not cool... ISP's can really suck sometimes. Especially when you ring them up to try and explain how you really need your DL speed back, you've got an essay due in the morning and you REALLY need to download that lecture before class tomorrow... Too bad, the lines are down. It's winter. I live in Tasmania. LOL I could go on about my ISP for days...
  2. Qwertygirl
    09-12-2009 04:20 PM
    Haha thats kinda funny but not. Mines due to the provider giving us not even a quarter of a MEG speed. When we pay for up to 20
  3. Violet Grim
    09-08-2009 08:13 PM
    Violet Grim
    That's no good to hear, hope you get it sorted out soon. My net's been a bit dodgy too... I think I worked out what it is though. My OCD housemate keeps moving my modem!
  4. Qwertygirl
    09-08-2009 07:54 PM
    Yeah im having internet connection problems

    Things are good thanks... Hows things for you?
  5. Violet Grim
    09-08-2009 07:39 AM
    Violet Grim
    Hey Qwerty, how've things been? Haven't seen you around for a while....
  6. Qwertygirl
    04-22-2009 09:40 PM
    Haha! Well maybe one day i will get around to pestering you !
  7. Violet Grim
    04-22-2009 03:36 PM
    Violet Grim
    Haha you should, I am usually doing nothing much productive at all. I do this sort of thing often, I believe it is called procrastination.
  8. Qwertygirl
    04-22-2009 02:49 PM
    Im doing good How are you?

    I see you on the Xbox at like 5am my time. But i never really think to pester you
  9. Violet Grim
    04-22-2009 05:38 AM
    Violet Grim
    Hello! Thought I would drop by and say BOO and how do you do?
  10. Qwertygirl
    12-04-2008 02:01 PM
    Im hoping to get it real soon. Move has been and gone!Am at my mums till the weekend, then i shall be setting up the xbox and getting some serious gaming on. I have hardly played Fallout 3, not even started Fable 2. Just not been able to game

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