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Conversation Between SiberianSoldier and Purge
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  1. Purge
    07-24-2009 07:50 PM
    Yeah I've seen all the ones you've mentioned. Blade trilogy is awesome, gotta love vampire killing action.
  2. SiberianSoldier
    07-24-2009 07:07 PM
    I like action films mostly. The Lost Boys is a classic, I have Fight Club too, that's a f**ked up film but it's great lol.

    My favourite film though is Snatch, have you seen it?

    Second favourite would have to be Blade/Blade II, they're both great. I also like Pitch Black, 300, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Twilight ().
  3. Purge
    07-24-2009 06:41 PM
    If you get MSP you MUST get it. Although if your a completionist it gets rather tough. Also what type of movies do you like? I just went into sainsburys and picked some good classics for 18 pounds. The Lost Boys, Knocked Up, Into the Blue, The Abyss and Fight Club.
  4. SiberianSoldier
    07-24-2009 05:17 PM
    Sounds cool, if I wasn't tight on cash at the moment I'd give it a try lol. SF4? Street Fighter? I don't like. It's way too difficult for a casual gamer, I only play it online with my friends.
  5. Purge
    07-24-2009 01:34 PM
    Yeah Green Day's new stuff is pretty shit. Splosion Man is a platformer where the main character is made from radioactive energy. The only thing he can do is 'SPLODE' which is just exploding. For only 800MSP its the best arcade game I've played. Also how do you find SF4? My friend rented it from blockbuster for 2 days and I barely got a chance to play it. I got 70G out of it though.
  6. SiberianSoldier
    07-24-2009 01:23 PM
    Splosion Man? What's that about?

    My music taste has a lot of variety lol. I like bands ranging from Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage to the Fleet Foxes, Billy Ocean, Run DMC, George Harrison (from the Beatles) and Earth Wind & Fire. I like alot of 80's stuff and classic rock too. I like Greenday but only their older stuff, and I love Muse
  7. Purge
    07-24-2009 12:45 PM
    Ah, I played the guitar for my skill aswell. My favourites would have to be Splosion Man which just came out on the Marketplace but its still an amazing game, Bioshock because of its immense story and great gameplay and Call of Duty 4/Halo 3 because there multiplayer is amazing and even funner with friends.

    In terms of Music I like MUSE, Killers, Green Day, The Beatles and alot of Classic Rock. You?
  8. SiberianSoldier
    07-24-2009 12:33 PM
    Yeh shooting things and blowing stuff up, it's all good

    I have GH:III and GH:WT but I wasn't really enthusiastic about them, I prefer listening to music than playing it lol. Got any favourite bands?

    My favourite game would probably be...CoD 4. It had a very good story and excellent gameplay, I love it lol, can't wait for MW2 to come out. What's yours?

    I did archery for the sport section. I did electric guitar playing for the skill and I helped out at my brothers primary school for the community part (it was agony).
  9. Purge
    07-23-2009 11:38 PM
    Sadly I haven't been there in a while but I really should go back..

    Ah FPS, everybody loves shooting things. Yeah I like games with decent storys and gameplay that can keep me interested. I love music games aswell like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, there a blast. You got any favourites then?

    Also you told me you did archery for the DOE but did you do it for sport, service or skill?
  10. SiberianSoldier
    07-23-2009 11:35 PM
    Lol it doesn't help :P

    I prefer FPS's and RPG's, but I like anything with a decent story that'll keep me interested really. How about you?

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