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Conversation Between SplittingSkies and Setsuna x360a
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  1. Setsuna x360a
    01-21-2011 08:22 AM
    Setsuna x360a
    Also if you want a new avatar/signature let me know :P
  2. Setsuna x360a
    01-20-2011 12:22 AM
    Setsuna x360a
    Post 1

    The way i see it came to be because of my friends response when i asked him why he liked Gurren Lagann, the show is nothing but yelling and constant action scenes however none of it make sense at all (Whoever yells lowest because strongest what ?) However my friend decided to use symbolism as a reason for liking the series and from what i can tell his symbolism fit the story and how it progressed so i accepted his reasoning opposed to others who claim its "A MANLY ANIME" or something of that sort
  3. Setsuna x360a
    01-20-2011 12:21 AM
    Setsuna x360a
    Post 2

    Anyway, with the 00 Movie i sort of put everything under representation that later led to the final message at the end of the movie "Peace cannot be kept by force. Only by understanding". The ELS represent war itself, it spreads and involves innocent people (the school girl, Louise, other civilians) and how they absorb attacks, grow in numbers, become stronger as the war keeps going. They attract themselves to the people of Earth (In the movie it was through electronics, attacking other with high quantum brainwaves). Descartes Shaman the innovator revealed during the movie represents the world when the respond to war with more war, even if they have the upper hand in the beginning they become sucked into the war and later consumed by it.
  4. Setsuna x360a
    01-20-2011 12:20 AM
    Setsuna x360a
    Post 3

    Setsuna represents peace, though his attempt to understand them failed the first time because he did not want to understand their pain however he did not give up and continued to make reason with them through his new Gundam, 00 Quan[T]. After feeling their pain and accepting it he finally understood and was able to make peace with them resulting the the flower at the end and the final message after the credits.

    It may sound like a load of B.S but thats how i saw the movie through my eyes

    [Character limit of 1000 for each visitor message] xD
  5. SplittingSkies
    01-19-2011 07:26 PM
    Care to elaborate on how you came to this conclusion?
    I think everyone was expecting it to be even more epic afterwards. I.e: Setsuna owning a lot! Or maybe it was the story that baffled people?
  6. Setsuna x360a
    01-14-2011 06:19 PM
    Setsuna x360a
    I think it was misunderstood by alot of viewers
  7. SplittingSkies
    01-14-2011 03:43 PM
    Cool, what did you think of the Gundam Movie?
  8. Setsuna x360a
    01-11-2011 04:39 PM
    Setsuna x360a
    Same, part time college student paying out of the pocket, importing games for my region free PS3 and ... that nice jazz xD
  9. SplittingSkies
    01-11-2011 11:33 AM
    Not much, the normal life of a student, studying, xbox, eating, sleeping. The cycle goes on forever. Whats been going on with you?
  10. Setsuna x360a
    01-10-2011 04:25 PM
    Setsuna x360a
    whats up sir

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