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Conversation Between Pucca Princess and Qwertygirl
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  1. Qwertygirl
    02-03-2009 10:54 AM
    Yeah the snow made London stand still. We had about a foot where i live, no public transport, no post and no schools. Mental i tell you.

    Ahhhhh well 10 sounds good to me
  2. Pucca Princess
    02-02-2009 04:09 PM
    Pucca Princess
    We're both quite skint at the moment (credit crunch ) so we thought ten was the most we could do. He just doesn't think I am capable of getting 100% (although I have 6 games with it so far!). We did get snow! A whole 2 cm at 5am lol - it's all melted cause of the sun. Is it still snowing where you are? I hear it is pretty bad in England
  3. Qwertygirl
    02-02-2009 11:52 AM
    For 10? Tell him to make it 20 or something

    The pigeons were a pain, i got help from YouTube videos

    Did you get snow?
  4. Pucca Princess
    02-02-2009 05:14 AM
    Pucca Princess
    I haven't done the GTA4 multiplayer achievements yet - I still actually need to finish the story Last time I played I was finding and killing the pigeons, and that was very annoying lol. The main reason I am getting the mega drive collection is simply for Shining Force 2 - it got me into gaming in the first place That plus my bro bet me 10 I couldn't get all the achievements in a month So I want to get them, just to prove that I can
  5. Qwertygirl
    02-01-2009 10:58 PM
    I still need all the online achievements for GTA IV well not all but a lot haha!

    Its a nice place Arbroath. I have had multiple Sega Mega Drive Collections but they have never impressed me
  6. Pucca Princess
    02-01-2009 10:47 PM
    Pucca Princess
    I do know Arbroath, its where my Dad and Stepmum had their honeymoon if I remember right! I've seen loads of people playing Left4Dead, I'm saving some cash up for the Sega Megadrive collection and the GTA4 download for now, dreadful credit crunch means I am cutting back on buying games lol
  7. Qwertygirl
    02-01-2009 10:43 PM
    I just bought Left4Dead..... Thats my shopping done

    No it was called *looks it up* hahaha i was completely WRONG its Arbroath. Well i knew it started with an A hehehe! I have been to Newcastle, only quickly though. Could not tell you nothing about it.
  8. Pucca Princess
    02-01-2009 10:38 PM
    Pucca Princess
    Aberdeen? Not been there, but am hoping too! I love Edinburgh, and I know some of Glasgow as my ex was raised there. I havn't been to Kent, but I have heard of it! I don't travel much, which is a shame as I want to go travel the UK, next place me and my friends are exploring is Newcastle I think! My friends watch WWE, I used to but don't watch it anymore. I'm online shopping instead lol - got a toothache, so shopping is taking my mind of it
  9. Qwertygirl
    02-01-2009 10:33 PM
    I have heard of it Im from Kent on the outskirts of Greater London. I lived in Edinburgh for a while and i have been to Dundee, Glasgow and Aber'idontknowhowtospellit just for visits though.

    Im really sad, im watching WWE No Xbox or news for me.
  10. Pucca Princess
    02-01-2009 10:28 PM
    Pucca Princess
    I was channel flicking and saw snow on TV - otherwise I don't watch news at all and instead just play Xbox . Closest I may get to seeing snow since the weather man may be wrong! I live in Dumfries and Galloway, right at the south west of Scotland. It's the least known part of Scotland lol, so you may not have heard of it! Where abouts are you from?

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