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Conversation Between Selections and LilMissRoxy
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  1. LilMissRoxy
    02-17-2009 04:04 AM
    Ha! I knew you were the quiet one out of the two of us. Did you enjoy yourself? I'm sorry to hear that your mic crapped out. Good excuse! kidding! hehe.
    I ended up being eliminated in the last round before the final round. Tied for third place is just fine with me though. Spent a good 5 hours playing Uno!
  2. Selections
    02-16-2009 11:27 AM
    Okay so. BOTH my microphones where screwy last night. Round 1 was fine, but whenever I joined your match it went all shit. So I swapped to my wired headset, and that was even more trouble.

    We had a blackout at 4:30am, right in the middle of Round 3. Just my luck as well. Looks like I wasn't intended to play UNO last night

    How did you end up going?
  3. Selections
    02-13-2009 05:35 PM
    Oh, I completely forgot that the list was being released today.
    Round 2 it is.

    I have to get some sleep early on Sunday, the tourney starts at 3:30am on Monday morning for me. Hopefully I can get a quick nap after it, and off to work at 9:30

    Should be good fun.
  4. LilMissRoxy
    02-12-2009 09:51 PM
    Hello old friend, we meet UNO tourney.
  5. LilMissRoxy
    01-02-2009 10:36 PM
    Ok well I will be online on Sunday then. Not sure what time but BE THERE or else! haha
  6. Selections
    01-01-2009 04:45 AM
    My monday is your Sunday. Not sure what time though
  7. LilMissRoxy
    12-31-2008 05:21 PM
    I don't think I could ever eat Tofu.. it just doesn't look appealing to me. Let alone how it may taste..

    I'm down for exploding a pipe-bomb but I only have Saturday and Sunday off.
  8. Selections
    12-30-2008 02:36 AM
    Tofu has to be flavored to have any kind of taste to it. I dont eat it myself, but we get a few customers at work who sometimes substitute something on the menu to have Tofu in it.
    Im guessing Toturkey would taste like a salty turkey? I have no idea. They don't sell stuff like that here in Australia. Unless maybe its in an Asian grocery store.

    We had Turkey for lunch on Christmas day. They stuffed up the order with my grandma, gave her a 6kg turkey instead of a 4kg. Which is just over 13 pounds. Took just over 4 hours to cook as well.

    Im not sure im in the mood to be hit by a Molotov.
    If I don't see you randomly online in the next few days, my next days off are Monday & Tuesday next week. If your up for exploding by a pipe-bomb, let me know. Im sure I can arrange something
  9. LilMissRoxy
    12-29-2008 06:13 PM
    Tofu Turkey? How did it taste? I love the taste of real turkey, I'm not sure I could do without. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only times I really get Turkey anyways.
    Canada does have some milk in bags! However the norm is cartons. Some people (like my grandma) have milk delivered to their homes and it comes in little bags. I don't think that happens too often anymore. Come to think of it, I don't think she even has the bags anymore.

    Hahah, ok you may or may not be right there. I'm feeling much better now though.
    Maybe you should swoon me with your accent... and then I'll hit you with a Molotov.
  10. Selections
    12-29-2008 04:33 AM
    Wow thats disgusting.
    I have a friend who lives in Cali. She showed me this Tofu Turkey for thanksgiving, it was called Toturkey or something.
    Weird stuff.
    I also heard Canada has milk in bags! Is that true?

    Oh, and excuse me?
    I believe you where the one feeling sick, hence the no talking!
    Maybe I can laugh at you instead. With my pipe-bombs

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