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Conversation Between gatorbait and Parkerktm
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  1. gatorbait
    05-14-2011 10:49 PM
    Yeah, I was thinking how cool that would be. Luckily you guys were able to come up big in game 7 to avoid a huge collapse against the Wings. I managed to go to 2 games in the 1st round and 1 in the 2nd round. I had tickets for the two games I missed but I had to take a final exam and attend a funeral. I'm ready for game 1 tonight and I'll be there for the first 2 home games next week! Hopefully you guys can finally make it the Stanley Cup finals after always getting so close.

    I'm slowly working through Mass Effect but maybe this summer we can play some co-op for some game.
  2. Parkerktm
    05-13-2011 11:24 AM
    haha i know what u mean man. I think i have 10 posts on this site in the last 6 months and i never look at the threads. I bring this site up in the browser, check the most recent news on the front and close it, lol. I'm hardly on the box anymore as well, although the last two weeks have been a different story with portal 2 and now mx vs atv alive. How sick would it be if ur lightning and my sharks played in the cup. I'm looking forward to the conference finals!! I went to the first round game 1 and 2 and had the chance to go tonight for only $250 for the pair but i was out of town. If they make it to the cup....when they make it to the cup I'm going no matter what, hah.
  3. gatorbait
    05-12-2011 10:40 PM
    Haha, I noticed that not too long ago. I haven't been around the site as much as I used to and I also haven't been on Live too much the last few months. We'll have to play some this summer. My account is suspended right now since the credit card on my account expired. I'll hit you up next time I see you on.
  4. Parkerktm
    05-03-2011 08:34 AM
    I was making some changes to my profile and i came across ur profile on my friends list and was going to send you a message saying whats up. I then proceeded to see my comment below and it made me so happy knowing I had said that back in April of last year, haha.
  5. gatorbait
    04-09-2010 01:32 AM
    Great now that baseball is back and the season is underway!

    We are 2-0 right now but behind against the O's right now. Crawford hit a game winning double in the bottom of the 9th on opening night. I'm feeling good about this season, that same feeling from '08. Probably the last for Pena and Crawford though.

    I saw some of the Giants games. As expected, that pitching staff is nasty. Should be an interesting division with you guys, the Rockies, and the Dodgers. I know they weren't huge but I like the additions to your offense. They won't be lighting up the board but you don't need a whole lot with that starting staff.

    I'll have to start getting online more. School has been slowing me down but only a couple weeks left for the semester!
  6. Parkerktm
    04-08-2010 10:45 PM
    Hey man, how have you been?

    i proud to say this is the year, at least for my giants and hopefully for your rays.

    I think they we're both the top 2 teams in spring training, and giants are already off to a 3-0 start. I know it's just 3 games but still, I just have that feeling. How did the rays start off the season?
  7. Parkerktm
    10-05-2008 07:54 PM
    Hey, Congrats on 80K!!!!!

    Well, going back to what we were talking about, my dad and I had free airfare so we were thinking of heading out for a World series game, seeing as we can make the decision last second and it wouldn't cost a dime more.

    But No, my dad decided to be all anal and go to Reno and denver by himself this weekend, so i guess thats out of the picture.

    Your Rays are looking Great so far, they're most more then likely going to the World series IMO.

    Their was something else i was going to tell you but i forgot.
  8. gatorbait
    09-25-2008 01:45 AM
    How? If we make it I certainly plan on going.
  9. Parkerktm
    09-24-2008 11:00 PM
    I might be going to a rays WS game if they make it that far, or any WS game for that matter.
  10. Parkerktm
    05-12-2008 04:20 AM
    I think its new, like within the month. Anyways when i type in this how does it show up, like a message?

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