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Conversation Between Takamura Bear and TVthePunisher
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  1. Takamura Bear
    07-28-2014 02:56 AM
    Takamura Bear
    You lie! I have all the American volumes up to volume 60, ain't no Grimmjow seen anywhere.

    TV caught trolling out of spite for being spoiled.
  2. TVthePunisher
    07-28-2014 01:45 AM
    BTW the American release of the Volume featuring Yamamoto on the cover showed Grimmjow's face, whenever he kills Nazifuck and points his blade at Urahara.
  3. TVthePunisher
    07-28-2014 01:44 AM
    I've seen the Nut Job. With my son. It was okay. Also I can't tell if dat ass is real or animated...;>_> but it's nice.

    I can't find you a booty right now, what do you desire?! I can't set up you up with a booty if you're all the way in Europe >_<
  4. Takamura Bear
    07-27-2014 07:41 PM
    Takamura Bear
    You'll do as I say and go and see 'The Nut Job' instead. I will continue to spoil movies and shit before you see them until you find me a booty, just like I did with Breaking Bad ending and Amazing Spiderman 2!


  5. TVthePunisher
    07-27-2014 02:35 AM
    I'm hankering for some space shit, so I'll watch it next weekend.
  6. Takamura Bear
    07-27-2014 01:51 AM
    Takamura Bear
    Dat green booty!

    I managed to catch a screening of Guardians last night way before you TV. Shit film, worse than Fantastic Four and X3 combined. Not sure how the next one will go as most of the characters get killed off by the big tree dude by end who was actually Thanos. Don't waste your moneys, TV!
  7. Takamura Bear
    07-17-2014 08:02 PM
    Takamura Bear
  8. Takamura Bear
    07-12-2014 09:17 PM
    Takamura Bear
  9. Takamura Bear
    07-11-2014 03:53 PM
    Takamura Bear
    Wut? Explain yourself naow!
  10. TVthePunisher
    07-11-2014 04:49 AM
    Takamura. I am in a of course involves: Dat Ass.

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