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Conversation Between Halimbo2005 and The Pants Party
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  1. Halimbo2005
    11-17-2008 08:13 PM
    You highly doubt that cos you're a massive stuck up dickhead. I just assumed that everybody could see, that is all, so I was partly wrong.

    You on the otherhand are a massive prick. "Oh I'm going to leave it up to the staff after cry to them about my magical tattoos that I aquired after my first girlfriend dumped me and i had to settle for this thing". You pathetic waste of life. I hope you die of AIDs and that you and your whole family get raped.

    There's some scripture to help your case, as you would've lied and told them I said a bunch of other stuff anyway. I'd rather I actually got banned for something than "disagreeing" with a stuck up cunt that hardly anybody likes.
  2. The Pants Party
    11-17-2008 08:08 PM
    The Pants Party
    I highly doubt that, but I'll let you know what the other staff thinks should happen.
  3. Halimbo2005
    11-17-2008 07:58 PM
    fyi, that's the reason I did it. Not for my own gratification.
  4. The Pants Party
    11-17-2008 07:53 PM
    The Pants Party
    fyi, I can still see deleted messages and the reasons that accompany them. I'll ask my fellow staff members what your fate should be as right now I am inclined to ban you permanently.
  5. Halimbo2005
    11-16-2008 04:13 AM
    1. You saw what was written on my public profile and went trouncing for it, so don't act like you stumbled upon it and was shocked.
    2. I'd rather not go into detail on this cos I don't want to try and get someone else involved.
    3. Clearly not as you spend most of your time belittling people that ask legitimate questions and treat them as if they are stupid. And as you spend the majority of your time writing game guides....or should I say deleting people's guides when they've worked hard on em and adding your clearly aren't satisfied with your own life and get your jollies by stepping on the "little people".
  6. Halimbo2005
    11-16-2008 03:50 AM
    1. No you didn't, you just read that on the page you were just on.
    2. I was having a laugh with someone on a forum that has 4 threads that he was instantly looking at and instantly deleted.
    3. You need to have some fun in your life, must be lonely living with such deep resentment for "the normal people".
  7. Halimbo2005
    11-16-2008 03:21 AM
    I find you quite rude, I am not a dickhead ..

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