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Conversation Between ViRaLuNdEaD and Purge
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  1. Purge
    07-21-2009 07:27 PM
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that works. If you need any help with any other games just ask.
  2. ViRaLuNdEaD
    07-21-2009 05:38 PM
    We can solve that I think. Let me get my game up and running after I finish Pub Games and we can do a multiplayer game. I think (not positive) that if you witness another hero perform them, that you can earn the Completionist achievement that way.
  3. Purge
    07-21-2009 12:51 PM
    I just jumped straight in. Im still awaiting a way to get the expression achievement without buying the pub games but its looking bleak. I've started working on finishing it 100% and I'm like 8 achievements away I think. I've not been on the xbox for 4 days though.
  4. ViRaLuNdEaD
    07-21-2009 12:48 PM
    Well, that makes me want to play it even more now. I have been playing the XBLA pub games, trying to get all the items and some gold before I start. Did you play those first or did you just jump right into the game?
  5. Purge
    07-21-2009 12:28 PM
    Changed my mind on Fable 2 as soon as started playing it again, I started to enjoy it. What was I thinking..?
  6. ViRaLuNdEaD
    07-16-2009 01:01 PM
    Really? I thought F2 was supposed to be sweet. I guess I will see. I ended up not playing it, because I sucked into Monkey Island. How's the weather over there right now?
  7. Purge
    07-15-2009 09:31 PM
    Nah, I dont even like Fable 2 haha. I'm going to play it some more for some achievements though.. I really want to get my gamerscore to 40k+, even signed up to LOVEFILM to help me through it.
  8. ViRaLuNdEaD
    07-15-2009 08:59 PM
    No, I've been a gold member for almost a year now. I rarely play online though, unless it's L4D or Ghostbusters (recently). I guess people just don't divvy out the rep for me! I'm not really concerned about it, since I still run across idiots with 5 stars!

    Hey, how are you liking Fable 2? I was about to start playing that tonight.
  9. Purge
    07-15-2009 08:55 PM
    I was wondering are you a Silver Membership gamer? For it doesn't look like you've recieved that much rep.
  10. ViRaLuNdEaD
    07-15-2009 08:51 PM
    Lucky you. As close as I get to Scotland these days is visiting our local Celtic festivals and Highland games festivals. I need to jump to that side of the pond again soon!

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