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Conversation Between 299 and Flyn Dutchmn
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  1. Flyn Dutchmn
    03-04-2010 10:40 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    You still got Fable II....trying to find someone who will give me a bunch of stuff to save time.
  2. Flyn Dutchmn
    02-24-2010 09:59 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    You interested in helping me go for "Endure"

    I'm thinkin' on Lost Platoon, but willing to give Alpha Site a chance.

    I'll def help you finish off the last firefights.......if we're having too much difficulty on some, lets bring it down to normal and spend an extra half an hour on it.
  3. Flyn Dutchmn
    02-17-2010 06:34 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Hey dude,

    Been a while since I've played with ya, my internet is still fucked but hopefully I'll get it going by this weekend.

    I still need a couple firefights in ODST, don't know if you've finished them or not. Of course I still gotta do "Endure" as well, so I'll send a couple messages when I'm up and running, and I got a 4 player team.
  4. Flyn Dutchmn
    01-12-2010 06:07 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Do you have 50 Cent:bots? I'm currently playing through the single player and need someone for the coop achievements to get 1000 k.
  5. Flyn Dutchmn
    01-05-2010 11:00 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Hey dude, just picked up Borderlands. I see you playing once in a while, but haven't joined cuz your character is ranked pretty high so I'm guessing you way farther along the storyline than I am. Anyways, feel free to join me sometime.
  6. Flyn Dutchmn
    12-30-2009 10:06 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    I do have ODST....I need a couple firefights yet, and the ENDURE achievement of want to do some firefights sometime?
  7. Flyn Dutchmn
    12-30-2009 09:29 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Hey man......not sure when the boostings gonna happen......probably been a spur of the momoent kind of thing. When there's like 3 people online on my list that will play I'll send you an invite.

    Do you need the Vidmaster: Annual achievement as well?
  8. Flyn Dutchmn
    12-17-2009 04:16 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Probably boost on the weekend when there's more people online.
  9. Flyn Dutchmn
    12-16-2009 03:39 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    ummm.....I think I was wrong with 8, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna need 6 people in total.
  10. Flyn Dutchmn
    12-15-2009 03:00 PM
    Flyn Dutchmn
    Hey whats up..................You got a couple friends on your list that want to boost Halo 3?.......I think we need 8 people in total.....I have two or three others on my list that would help out.

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