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Conversation Between xKRisSxdarlingx and Vampire Hunter D
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  1. Vampire Hunter D
    12-23-2009 08:21 AM
    Vampire Hunter D
    But I can pull of tough achievements, so I'm not completely bored... Just check out some stuff in my profile...
  2. xKRisSxdarlingx
    12-23-2009 08:19 AM
    aw hope all goes well for ya bro =( i cant imagine
  3. Vampire Hunter D
    12-23-2009 08:12 AM
    Vampire Hunter D
    Well not yet, they don't even have a fast internet connection, but I can't wait for it, to have my own LIVE account, because there is no other way that the multiplayer achievements an be done...
  4. xKRisSxdarlingx
    12-23-2009 08:05 AM
    that is pretty odd that they wouldn't have it there
  5. Vampire Hunter D
    12-23-2009 08:03 AM
    Vampire Hunter D
    Well if I get LIVE somewhere int he near future, than okay... But it's still a mystery when does it reaches Hungary and Serbia...
  6. xKRisSxdarlingx
    12-23-2009 07:59 AM
    ah i see yeah my bf got me into them lol he could more than likely help you with achievements as well. hes really good at that stuff...xXx3NIGM4xXx
  7. Vampire Hunter D
    12-23-2009 07:55 AM
    Vampire Hunter D
    Well that's very strange, because shotguns are only effective to 15-20 feet...

    I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with these 2 games...
  8. xKRisSxdarlingx
    12-23-2009 07:44 AM
    the ONLY game i play online so far is mw2. the akimbo 1887's just recently started to piss me off. pepole can fucking snipe with a shotgun! its insanely stupid
  9. Vampire Hunter D
    12-23-2009 07:41 AM
    Vampire Hunter D
    I bought mine in February and if I'm home, I play a lot and trying for the singel player achievements... But when it comes to multiplayer ones...
  10. xKRisSxdarlingx
    12-23-2009 07:36 AM
    aww that sucks =( i dont know what id do without my xbox! my bf and mom got it for me last christmas and im on like EVERYDAY!

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