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Conversation Between Nozza XBA and Gackt
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  1. Nozza XBA
    11-07-2011 11:07 AM
    Nozza XBA
    I went a bit made and added a fair few layers.. Feel free to add more! I tried to do some text but it wasn't working, so I'll you and your 1000+ fonts work that one out ;P.

    I also tried to sort out the lighting, but wasn't the best. Show me the final product, once you're done!
  2. Gackt
    11-06-2011 03:48 PM
    Yeah, I have plenty of room on my friends list. Sorry bout the late reply
  3. Nozza XBA
    11-04-2011 05:14 PM
    Nozza XBA
    That's a lot of fonts... I don't even have half of that, I'd get lost within it all!

    If you've got room, you ok for a XBL FR? My gamertag is OINozzAIO just so you wonder who it is.
  4. Gackt
    11-04-2011 05:12 PM
    lol. Alright cool. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Don't worry about the text if you don't want to do it. I just installed like 1100 fonts to play around with so I am sure I can find something that looks good lol
  5. Nozza XBA
    11-04-2011 05:09 PM
    Nozza XBA
    That was fast.. Someone's excited ;P

    All downloaded fine and looks nice, I'm going to add some sick colour to it!! I'll probably have it done sometime next week when I'm free. You suck at text.. I think I'm much worse so we'll see how it goes.

    I may pass it back to you to do if it doesn't work out my end, haha.
  6. Gackt
    11-04-2011 04:58 PM
    Hopefully that all worked right, never used that site before lol.
    Anyhow make any changes you want to it, I did not know how much to do or not to do lol. I did not do much with the lighting and other effects because you are really good at that so
    Soooooooo yeah, no rush on finishing it. If you could though add both of our names on it that would be great. I hate doing text so I am glad I don't have to lol. Let me know if that is not good enough to work with and I will try something else. Goodluck man!
  7. Nozza XBA
    11-04-2011 04:10 PM
    Nozza XBA
    Good good, haha
  8. Gackt
    11-04-2011 04:05 PM
    lol Same here man. I like to stick to games.
  9. Nozza XBA
    11-04-2011 04:01 PM
    Nozza XBA
    Cool. I don't mind what stock/render you use, but I'm not keen on real life stuff like models and people etc. Anything from your usual stuff is perfect!
  10. Gackt
    11-04-2011 04:00 PM

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