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Conversation Between Parkerktm and Accusations Fly
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  1. Parkerktm
    08-31-2009 06:02 AM
    so i got your message but never got around to hoping on gears this weekend. I was trying to get my 40 in mythic brawl. Happened to get my 41 and btw that is such a phuckin dumb playlist. Worst spawns, and your throwing a whole bunch of brigs and generals into a map with a sniper. Bungie needs to realize that these maps don't support 12 player FFA.

    Anyways this weekend if your interested in getting horde lvl 15, 20, and 30 done let me know. I already have 8 and 10 and don't want to really do those over again. I have another guy who is willing to help too.
  2. Parkerktm
    06-18-2009 04:36 AM
    This is pretty much a response to your message but yea.......

    I've had my 360 for 2 1/2 years and thankfully it's still covered under warranty. I think what I'm going to do is buy a new 60GB HDMI pro console and then sell the refurbished one i receive back from MS on ebay. Problem is I don't have enough money for the new console, about $100 short with taxes and all, so give or take a few weeks.

    I feel bad though cuz I know we we're planning on gears. I promise once i get it back we're blast through the insane campaign, I still have to finish it up on casual with this guy so I'll let you know.

    I'm trying to build a party for Gears of war 2 new DLC horde, are you down for that too? I have 2 ppl so far, let me know if your interested....

  3. Parkerktm
    06-12-2009 05:44 PM
    dude. FUCK U.

    I saw that post last night but i was tired after playing BTB so i went to sleep and figured I would go through the process of putting it in my sig today, but of course you would have had to steal it, lol.
  4. Parkerktm
    06-08-2009 04:46 AM
    too much text for one post, this is a continuation of the bottom post.


    Cuz it's getting the the point (and the amount of EXP i have) that i can sit on this 41 for much longer, i need to act and push for my 45.

    I have like 5-6 other accounts and only 2 of them are 50's and those are in Team Slayer and Team Swat.

    My highest in MLG was a 38 but i got it up to a 42 2 weeks ago.
    highest in team snipes is a 43
    lone wolves is a 41
    doubles is a 42
  5. Parkerktm
    06-08-2009 04:45 AM
    Ok, well I'm still down for doing Insane with you. I need someone good, and I don't think I'll be finding any complete beasts in the achievement trading thread, lol.

    On this account (and don't laugh) I'm a

    41 in Lone Wolves
    40 in Team Slayer (lost my 41)
    33 in SWAT (lost my 35)
    36 in Snipes (lost my 41)
    21 in Doubles (Keep low on purpose)
    19 in MLG (keep low on purpose)

    My ranks are low and some what shitty cuz i sucked before and i learned late that going in with 3 randoms is not the best idea. Just yesterday, i was playing swat with 3 randoms for fun and I had 23 of our 50 kills. We steacktacked the guys and i got no help.

    I mainly just need a second man who can pull his weight and you sound like you can do that, so if you down and willing to help me atleast get a 45 on this account then that would be sick.
  6. Parkerktm
    06-08-2009 04:23 AM
    any idea when you'll be back and able to play? Did your friend end up lending you his 360?

    Let me know, i started casual campaign and am going to finish that and knock out the collectibles with this other guy who has been on my Friends list for awhile since he needs the co-op achievements.

    Then when you get your 360 you can just fly through it with someone else on casual, probably sum1 from the achievement trading thread and you'll get the co-op achievements then. Then when we play together on Insane I can get the co-op achievements and yo can knock out the collectibles if not already. Then we should be done and if u need sum MP achievements I can help you with those.

    btw, what is your rank on this account in swat or ts?
  7. Parkerktm
    06-05-2009 07:00 AM
    so with your RROD can you still play and go into parties? gears boosting 2marrow so be on.

    I always get the 3 RROD but i'm to poor to buy a new one so I just keep pressing for it to start up, sometimes takes me 5 minutes and other times like today it takes me 3 hours just to get it started.
  8. Parkerktm
    06-04-2009 02:49 AM
    Yea my friends list is full, I'll try to make space but It's hard as I'm always getting new FR from ppl I play with or people from other forums for customs.

    I posted again in the achievement trading thread and the guy has a party already together so go add yourself to the list, and if you can just send him a FR and say it's on both of our behalves.

    On a side note, don't ever heart me again...............
  9. Parkerktm
    06-04-2009 02:39 AM
    also, adding onto my message below, do you happen to have a computer next to you, or next to the tv you play on. Because my laptop is fucked up and if you get it would make getting the cog tags 1000x easier.
  10. Parkerktm
    06-04-2009 02:37 AM
    yea, I think u deleted me. I don't recall being drunk while on live , but who knows. I usually hit you up with H3 invites but idk. Gears should be good, It's just a fuck load of boosting.

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