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Conversation Between NightUlf and Pine Reaper
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  1. NightUlf
    07-05-2010 08:43 AM
    lol yeah I haven't started that yet.
    I spent too long playing Dragon Age, and wasting too much trying to get the 1000 kills for it not to pop..damn it!!
  2. Pine Reaper
    07-02-2010 12:38 PM
    Pine Reaper
    Heh thanks, I feel it fits with my planned start of Star Ocean...
  3. NightUlf
    06-29-2010 08:53 AM
    Loving your new Punctuation pic : )
  4. NightUlf
    10-01-2009 01:31 PM
    Thanks for that, I did look at the list of challenges yesterday.
    And yeah that last one did look like a tricky one, but hopefully not.

    I see that some of the hidden challenges that are still hidden have got scores adding up for completing them, they just don't register until we unlock I suppose.
  5. Pine Reaper
    09-30-2009 07:26 PM
    Pine Reaper
    6) P1 sticks remote detonator to P2 and detonates. (Awards: Stuck)
    7) P2 lays 2 to 3 Prox Mines and stands on them. P1 Shoots them (Awards: Backfire)
    8) P1 picks up Concussion Pack. P2 stands at boundry to map and gets blown out. (Awards: Death Boundry)
    9) P1 kills with reconstructor (Awards: You're doing it wrong)
    10) P2 sticks remote detonator to P1. P1 kills P2 in any way. (Awards: Remote Save)

    P1 is then unstoppable so step 1 can be skipped for P2 run through.

    Will want to check the death boundry before hand on this map just to be safe.

    1 Life: 25 XP one bonus. Beat Down with sledgehammer 25x, then swap
    500xp one bonus - just repeat highest bonus - prob beatdown
    10 wins on each game type: Set lowest win parameters, repeat - Also works towards 100 wins.

    For the 5XP eaxh bonus, I've written a list of the events, and putting tally marks as i do one. Saves dropping back to stats screen or doing more of the bonus than needed, especially more complicated ones like Crush.
  6. Pine Reaper
    09-30-2009 07:26 PM
    Pine Reaper
    Game: Cap The Flag. Map: Quarantine
    Loadout: Remote Detonator, Reconstrutor, Rocket Launcher, Prox Mines
    Backpack: None (Firepower, Rhino, Stealth in map)

    10 Easy Steps:
    1) Player (P2) not going for streak kills 5x till gets "streak bonus"
    2) P2 gets stealth pack - P1 kills when active (Awards: Streak Stopper, Ghost Kill, Who's #1, Back Who)
    3) P1 gets firepower pack, and flag activate and kill with Flag (Awards: Beatdown, Power Trip, Flagman)
    4) P1 gets Rocket launcher and kills with direct hit (Awards: Bullseye)
    5) P2 hides behind wall. P1 gets Rhino and kills by smashing thorugh wall (Awards: Charge, Unstoppable)
  7. Pine Reaper
    09-30-2009 07:22 PM
    Pine Reaper

    The way I see it.

    1) Grind XP to 57k. This unlocks all the bonus XP events. So we can then do the 5XP for each bonus challenge.

    Then we can either grind out 1000 kills with 1 weapon and 5000 xp with one weapon challenges (prolly nano rifle for both of us) in an Anarchy map. Which will also count towards the 5000 kill cheeve. (5000 xp wont count in Capture the flag as weapon not equppied when scoring)


    Work on 5XP in each bonus. Most of these can be done with just 2 ppl, but there are 10 that need at least 1 more person.

    1 Life 15 challenges: This sounded hard at first, but I think we can do this easily. The list of 15 ive made so far is based on our current XP. If we do leave it till much later then there are a couple that can be swapped out, but I think this is pretty simple.

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