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Conversation Between TAXI DRIVER 420 and littleblacksambo
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  1. littleblacksambo
    08-17-2009 01:37 AM
    weed is my biggest thing
    haha. but yeah i love me some shrooms and acid and all that but it's just not somethin i can do all the time.
  2. TAXI DRIVER 420
    08-12-2009 08:24 AM
    just stop by to say whats up just stop talking like out of no where so figure I would start another conversation. Ha i know its hard to believe with all the drug talk I do but I quite marijuana. Still waiting to trip thou, cant wait music and lsd n mushrooms, trippin on lsd and dancing with random people. I wish i lived in your type of area where I could just trip whenever.
  3. littleblacksambo
    07-24-2009 01:23 AM
    haha that's cool. i've got a friend like that
    i love social tripping.. haha it's even fun to watch when you're sober. i've been around people on mushrooms and they have like their own little mumbling conversations and no one else can really understand what they're saying.. but here they are just chatting away.
    haha when i trip alone i like to draw or paint or just whatever. but i do that sober too so hah it's not too much different. colors are just so vivid and shit
  4. TAXI DRIVER 420
    07-24-2009 12:48 AM
    Ha I told my friend about that dream with the giant mushrooms and he loves mushrooms, he always finds them and takes them. So yesterday im driving with my friend and hes like stop so we do and there in the middle of the city in a suburban area with houses and familys everywhere are some trippin mushrooms I couldnt believe it right on the side of the street. He can see these things on the side of the road on the highways hes got talent with finding these things. So im gonna prob be on lsd and listen to music tomarrow cant wait theres this thing up here called gathering of the vibes its gonna be shweet. Ha so what do you do when your in your room trippin by your self draw, make art...i like tripping with people thats fun. I have been with people that were all fucked up and i dint take anything and was like wow im tripping..just off there vibes thats fun.
  5. littleblacksambo
    07-22-2009 06:24 PM
    Haha, nah it's cool. I like having something to read

    I know exactly what you mean with mushrooms making you go into your own world.. That's how they are for me. I'm so out and about all the time and I like to be able to just say fuck yall i'm eatin some shrooms and then going to my room for an entire day. haha.. good creative energy
    nah i love acid though. and music. so together they're even more amazing
  6. TAXI DRIVER 420
    07-22-2009 05:56 AM
    Oh my god no way you can just go pick them in your backyard..L-U-C-K Y. I wish i could do that, you ever heard of aminita i think thats how you spell it those are some crazy looking ones. that reminds me but kinda off topic like 2 days ago i had the weirdest dream I was in this field type park-vally place and it was all green and i was there with some friends and stuff. So were chillin then i look to my right and there was a mushroom the size of a horse, it was huge. Anywayz i rip a flap off and start draging it away as im doing it I see a bigger one so i run to that one but some security ladies sittin there and says dont do that and then i get waken up by the rain. Theres more detail then that but its long enough already. Anywayz i know what you mean with that dillerence in fellings but music and lsd are way better i tend to party more on it and mushrooms i just sit there kinda in my head its hard to discribe but this is long enough so sorry and talk to you later.
  7. littleblacksambo
    07-21-2009 07:54 PM
    hahah no I can't even play gears when i'm drunk cause i'll like start screaming and yelling at the tv "noo don't kill marcus wtf are you slimy things doing ahh"

    No but hah yeah I love me some hallucinogens. Only thing I don't particularly like about acid is the man made aspect.
    I can go out in my pasture and get my own mushrooms. gotta know there's nothing more natural than that
  8. TAXI DRIVER 420
    07-21-2009 03:30 PM
    oh ha i love lsd best thing ever only done mushrooms once but still amazing it was a great trip. music and lsd thou is like on another plain thou. Its fuckin out there concerts/festivals and drugs go hand and hand. Amazing stuff i was tripin like two weeks ago while playing some games that was fun my friend came by and just feed me acid. ha gears and lsd dont mix totally kills your trip.
  9. littleblacksambo
    07-19-2009 06:32 PM
    yeah.. I'm a big fan of mushrooms. I've done acid too but something about shrooms just stood out more.
  10. TAXI DRIVER 420
    07-19-2009 03:25 PM
    ha sorry i was tired, i just read it and laughed, that was worded realy weird sorry. Oh yea i forgot you smoke what kinda stuff you got. I havent smoke in awhile i think im done for awhile trying to get clean. You ever done anything else i have done lsd and mushrooms there great.

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