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Conversation Between Martinnn and Vendetta
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  1. Martinnn
    01-01-2010 01:14 AM
    Cheers again Vendetta
  2. Vendetta
    12-31-2009 07:54 PM
    You can go back after beating the game. To start your 2nd playthough (lot more stronger enemies and stronger weapons to loot) you just load and it will ask if you want to load 1st play or 2nd
  3. Martinnn
    12-31-2009 11:12 AM
    At the end of Borderlands is it like Assassins Creed 1 where when you've finished the main storyline you cant go back, or is it like never ending ? and you can complete side quests you've missed?
  4. Vendetta
    12-31-2009 02:45 AM
    It is really straight forward. Achievements are easy. Just make sure you do every single quest. It is so much fun. I love shooting shit and then looting for better weapons!!
  5. Martinnn
    12-31-2009 01:41 AM
    Vendetta as you've basically mastered borderlands

    any tips? I should be getting it tomorrow

    Edit - Vendetta BEAT THIS DUDE! -
  6. Martinnn
    12-31-2009 01:02 AM
    Im sure most of the Mod's would (kinda) agree but would have to lock it for stop a Nerd Uprising
  7. Vendetta
    12-31-2009 12:58 AM
    Yep not opening the door to get flamed. If I did I would re-word it. But I guarantee that flaming would be 95% of the responses. Then the lock would be put on.
  8. Martinnn
    12-31-2009 12:54 AM
    52%... Whaaat?! how many games did you play
    ODST? Dont remind me.. shiver.. never again, fun at start but after two run throughs? Couldn't.. as for the 200k firefight Achievements, i get to 100k and turn the console off

    Yeah, don't post it all those under 100 posters (not all) summing up what they think in 3 words "bullshit, you're wrong"
  9. Vendetta
    12-31-2009 12:47 AM
    I think you should be ok. I had to start fresh off that 100K tag with only 52% completion... It would have taken ages to get to like 70% completion.

    There are a few games I really dont want to complete again (L4D, MW2, Halo: ODST come to mind). I am really looking forward to completing Fallout 3 again though

    Yeah I played too many shitty games. I did put avatar on my new tag because I think I can spare like 5 min of my time

    As for opening eyes... Had I posted that in the forums I would have been flamed like no other.

    Fanboyism = *facepalm*

    Only the smart/open mined ones know how it should be.
  10. Martinnn
    12-31-2009 12:45 AM
    Blimey 50k?

    Might try again, Fresh on a new Gamertag, even though i haven't playing so many rubbish games as you say you have

    You're opening people's eyes Vendetta

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