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Conversation Between Audacious and 13ip0lar
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  1. Audacious
    10-14-2011 04:05 PM
    Ello I'm good thanks mate, not long back from Las Vegas, managed to play a few hours of the beta (got the limited ed MOH) before I left. Like you I wasn't impressed, kinda annoyed that I've pre ordered it now ha ha. Not liking the fact for every new gun you will need to unlock the scope for it, so in other words you'll just end up getting raped by little bitches lying down in the bushes. Good job I only play hardcore so at least if I hit them once they should hopefully die lol. Hope you're keeping well
  2. 13ip0lar
    10-13-2011 09:40 PM
    Just thought I'd say hi once again, see how everything is going? I suspect you are gearing up for BF3? I'll probably pass on it as I didn't enjoy the beta, and some friends want me to play on a team with them. Just can't play something I don't enjoy. Anyways hope all is well in Glasgow.
  3. Audacious
    06-26-2011 10:07 AM
    Lol thanks, I've not made anything in ages!!!! ha ha But yeah I just don't like seeing posts like that, I mean the guy took the time to make him something and then disses it. Well in terms of summer the weather in Scotland right now is just rain lol, going to Vegas in Sept tho so I'll get plenty of sun then lol
  4. 13ip0lar
    06-25-2011 10:01 PM
    Just thought I would say hi, I check the /r/ thread from time to time, and I was surprised to see you were the last post. So naturally I clicked to see what awesome artwork you posted, only to find out another kid was bitching about a sig someone took their free time to make him, and said "he expected more" lol. Anyways, hope your summer is going well.
  5. Audacious
    03-27-2011 04:38 PM
    tbh it doesn't take too long, most of the time it can be completed in under 20mins. I tend to laugh at people who say it took them hours to make a sig. The problem you have is when you start searching for renders, stocks etc or getting hung up on the little details like text etc but for the most part they don't take too long.
  6. 13ip0lar
    03-27-2011 04:39 AM
    I was just thinking about sigs today, and wondering out of curiousity, how long does it usually take you to complete a sig? Especially if they don't provide a picture, just an idea of what they want? Not that I'm thinking of asking for another this soon, just wondering how much of your free time it eats up. I would assume a lot based on the quality, but people that are usually the best at what they do make it look effortless, or take no time at all in creating quality work.
  7. Audacious
    03-03-2011 10:03 PM
    Lol well it's nice for you to say that and its appreciated, I don't consider myself all that great at photoshop but I do like to share my knowledge and help people who want a sig. I've been doing it for years tho so I've really seen it all, I'm used to people signing up with multiple accounts and requesting sigs all over the place. So its no great surprise to me when people request and then look for another one shortly after, its just the way it goes
  8. 13ip0lar
    03-03-2011 09:54 PM
    Well good, I just couldn't believe it, that guy is the very definition of a tool. I just can't believe he took a sig made by the best person on the site and said "fuck this...Isn't what I wanted." Especially after he gave you a proverbial whatever in response to the "What would you like?" question.

    Btw, I would have thrown "arguably the best" in there, but we both know better.
  9. Audacious
    03-03-2011 09:48 PM
    Yeah I noticed it right away, nothing I can do so I wasn't going to make a big deal of it really. But don't worry I've got a good memory on me and I know the people who will never get a sig made by me again lol.

    I've mellowed in my years when I was admin at a graphics site I was very much like this

    Those were the days lol, but yeah I don't stand for any s**t
  10. 13ip0lar
    03-03-2011 09:31 PM
    I don't want to, nor like to instigate shit...well sometimes. Anyways, I was lurking in the member profile forums, just looking to do some shameless hi & welcome stuff, when I noticed Stussy and his tag said 'Artful Dodger', and remember seeing that name somewhere. He didn't even wait a month before getting a new sig from somewhere/someone. So I don't know if you have a blacklist or a forum artist sig blacklist that gets circulated, but I would recommend putting him on it. New sig is nice, but clearly not as good as yours. I hate that someone who stated they were "not to particular" on what the got, throw a bitch-fit about it, then just get rid of it all together. Just makes me upset, even if it doesn't bother you. Anyways if you wanna see what I'm talking about you can hop back a page or two on the request thread, or look here

    Just thought you should know... :s

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