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Conversation Between MadHatters13 and Kairi
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  1. Kairi
    08-10-2015 06:41 PM
    My avatar is from Blazblue; it' a silhouette of one of my favorite characters, Rachel, and her two animal buddies.

    You're welcome! That might be a good idea; they might be able to give you something like an anti-depressant that should help with that. I really liked my time in Canada this time too! Sadly I just returned to the states, but I should be back in Canada for good on I finish my degree! Thanks! We are really happy! ^_^

    Thanks! I plan on reading it soon; I've heard lots of really good things about it, so I'm glad I have a copy of it now! =D I really need to get back into reading too; I haven't read much in quite a few months now and the number of books that I own that I haven't read is growing

    Yeah, it was not fun at all but at least the birthday soup Doug made me helped me feel better! I hope I don't get that again anytime soon; strep is not a fun thing to have!
  2. MadHatters13
    07-20-2015 05:11 PM
    It definitely looks better with something there. What is your avatar from, out of curiosity?

    Thank you. I may end up seeing the doctor and see what they can do for my empty feelings. That's really great you're back in Canada. I remember you telling me you enjoyed your time there. I've seen snippets about that when I've ventured onto Skype. I'm happy for you both.

    Oh that's great! I really hope you enjoy it when you read it. I need to get back into reading. It's another of the hobbies that has fallen to the wayside over the last month or so. :/

    Aww, that's no way to have to spend a birthday. D: I'm glad that's gone though. You should have a substitute birthday cake now you're better. Francis decrees it!
  3. Kairi
    07-18-2015 08:10 PM
    Yep! I finally stopped being too lazy and put something there XD Probably! It definitely should be, and I'm sure Francis would agree!

    Sorry to hear that, I hope you will start feeling better soon! =) I have been doing really well; I'm currently living in Vancouver for a while, and I'm in a relationship with Doug now.

    Also, I ended up getting a copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane! I haven't gotten to read it yet, but I am looking forward to starting it soon! =D

    It's okay! I didn't have any cake and didn't have a really good day (was really sick with strep and spent part of the day in a clinic trying to get medicine :/) but at least the strep is finally gone!
  4. MadHatters13
    07-18-2015 06:44 AM
    Hehe, ah okay. It's good that a new avatar has taking its place there now though. That's alright. I think we made a true contender for the longest visitor message conversation on here. Francis will need to be our adjudicator, but I think it should be made official.

    I haven't been feeling too great recently in general, and my activity here and most other places has really slumped. I'm trying to get back into it though, and I'm just generally looking ahead to getting back to uni. Hope things have been okay for you.

    Oh, sorry I missed your birthday too. I hope you had a good day (with Oreo birthday cake)!
  5. Kairi
    07-18-2015 06:25 AM
    Yes, I do! I felt like changing it, but was super lazy and didn't replace it until now. XD I also see I neglected to respond to the last few messages! I'm so sorry! I went through quite a bit in the past few months and got kind of bad with responding to stuff in general >_> How have you been? o.o
  6. MadHatters13
    07-18-2015 06:23 AM
    Yay, you have an avatar again
  7. MadHatters13
    04-26-2015 08:05 AM
    Hello Kairi, how have things been recently?
  8. MadHatters13
    03-27-2015 12:44 PM
    That's exactly what I did haha. I had no clue what was going on until I saw all the gifs and messages. I've since made the journey back to Skype though, but now they know what to do if I vanish again. I'll have to be on guard.
  9. MadHatters13
    03-27-2015 12:43 PM
    It did, but I've taken this week to get away from all my uni work and assignments haha. Hopefully that should get me back to normal. I do have two essays that I need to write though, so unfortunately I can't hide away for the whole break. XD Thank you. I honestly can't wait to find out how I did because I felt really good about both exams. I shall keep you up to date on our quest to reclaim the Triwizard Cup too. Thank you again. I think technically I'm slowly taking over that part of the society after the break, with guidance from the current secretary (who is making the jump to President). It should be fun, and I'll be able to wow the whole uni with my fabulously questionable artistic talents.
  10. MadHatters13
    03-27-2015 12:43 PM
    Oh wow! That member should win the best avatar of all time award. There's so many Francis(es/ii/eseseses) in there I'm surprised the site can cope.

    That's great to hear it was an enjoyable time. I'll have my fingers crossed for you that you get accepted and can go back there in the summer. Hahaha! That's just priceless they said that. I hope it was a messed up reference to the Fight Club, but I think considerably different activities would take place in the two of them.

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