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Conversation Between MadHatters13 and Kairi
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  1. Kairi
    Yesterday 05:51 PM

    Awwwww that is so nice of all of the other smileys!

    LOL if you thought it was priceless before, there was a LOT more Francis after you posted that. Check either page 2 or 3 of my wall for Francis overload!
  2. MadHatters13
    01-20-2015 09:22 PM

    This is brilliant! All the other smilies have come to welcome him.

    Your wall at the moment = priceless!!
  3. Kairi
    01-20-2015 05:44 PM

    Yay!!!! ^_^
  4. Kairi
    01-20-2015 09:27 AM
    I'm also enjoying another book right now that I'm reading for my French literature; I think you might like it since it's all medieval stories, but it's all in French and I'm not sure if there is an English copy of the book anywhere. I've never heard of The Ocean at the End of the Lane before; what is it about? o.o I might check it out myself if I can find it! ^^ I have played a few games; I completed Hakuoki and tried to play The Raven, but that game glitched on me bad so I can't even finish it. I am currently working on Charlie Murder right now! =D What about you? No problem buddy! I hope you pass them all with flying colors!
  5. Kairi
    01-20-2015 09:27 AM
    I hope you can find it somewhere! That sounds like my book backlog too as I have some sequels to books I haven't read too! XD My game backlog is on a whole different level from my book backlog, or even my movie backlog. Yeah, it has 10 different flavors and they are awesome! @_@ I'm lucky to have that around even though I rarely get to go lol.
  6. Kairi
    01-20-2015 09:26 AM
    I guess it is! o.o I'm guessing the Spam Nation has cut back since they are trying to device some awful plan like some all out attack or something! D: I take great care of every single hammer that Puck has left for me, and even added a few of my own to the mass collection of ban hammers. We definitely need to recruit some Francis fans; we actually had someone leave since they turned out to be a Francis hater! Rapture's sig is probably one of my favorites along with Spiral's; the dinosaur having tea with Francis is just so adorable! I hope he can have a home here too; Aleks needs to be pestered more!

    I hope they will make it happen too! I'll let you know if I end up hearing anything else about it; I heave my eyes open for any news now!
  7. MadHatters13
    01-17-2015 11:15 AM
    That's good that you're enjoying Another. I finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane yesterday. It's definitely one of my favourite books now, as I really enjoyed it. I liked the answer Neil Gaiman gave when asked who the book is aimed at. He said it's for anyone who's ever been 7 years old, which I thought was a pretty cool answer. It really does capture that outlook on life in a fantasy story. Have you played any games since getting back to uni? Thank you for the kind words too. I've had my first exam and I think that went okay. My last one is on Wednesday.
  8. MadHatters13
    01-17-2015 11:15 AM
    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll keep a look out for that book. Hmm, I have 5 books that I could start reading or are part way through, and there's another 3 that I have that are sequels to ones I need to read. It's not as bad as my game backlog though, by any means. Oh wow! 10 flavours sounds awesome. I think the most I've ever seen here is a machine with 3 but most have just 2. It'll definitely make for a delicious trip by the sounds of it.
  9. MadHatters13
    01-17-2015 11:14 AM
    67 is an awesome record even if the opportunity to beat it doesn't come along for a little while. Yeah I've noticed there doesn't seem as much spam recently, though they're still trying. Puck's hammers have definitely been put to good use by you in the great war against Spam Nation. Hmm, I'll have a look around and see if we can recruit any more Francis fans to our cause. I really like what Rapture's done with Francis in his sig too. I hope to see him making a home over here; we definitely have the support for it.

    It does make sense for Syberia II to come out first. Hopefully the developers will make sure that happens. I'll certainly be looking forward to them both. Both those games are really enjoyable, and the newest one, Dreamfall Chapters, looks like it's going to be a great game too. It's following the episodic format, so you have to wait a while between segments.
  10. Kairi
    01-15-2015 08:05 PM
    Yep! I still want to beat my record of 67 fleets in a day though but I don't know if I'll be hitting that again soon; there haven't been enough spammers for it lately. XD My ban hammers have been great in dealing with them all; I'm really grateful that Puck gave me his collection! 100 would be awesome! Do you know of anyone else that could be added to the group who might help promote him? That would be awesome! I'm really enjoying all of the Francis in people's signatures! I've seen a couple of people use him in a creative way like in Rapture's sig; I find that one funny. XD Let's hope Francis can make XBA his home soon!

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