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Conversation Between BiffTech and Nozza XBA
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  1. Nozza XBA
    04-24-2012 11:55 AM
    Nozza XBA
    Oh well.

    She doesn't... I think you stumbled onto the wrong person or TubZ's sister?!
  2. BiffTech
    04-24-2012 11:38 AM
    lol yeah, I knew there was a mistake there when you made your post, cos he said he had fixed it, a post or two later. But that reply of yours that I used for my quote, just seemed to be the best of the options that were there

    & I didn't know your sister had a tattoo! lol
  3. Nozza XBA
    04-24-2012 11:28 AM
    Nozza XBA
    Me or the poster? lol. Still funny how I spotted that mistake and I'm not the most hardcore ME player lol

    Edit: Oh wait he's removed that one I found a mistake in... Aww man it was awesome! The first one had a different image in the middle which actually showed James, thus voiding the joke.
  4. BiffTech
  5. BiffTech
    10-08-2011 12:37 AM
    lol don't sweat it mate... you'll never lose your staff position... not less you do somthing silly & call an admin a cunt! lol

    Just get on when you can, & submit what you can.. I for one like to read your reviews
  6. Nozza XBA
    10-07-2011 02:17 PM
    Nozza XBA
    God I've lost touch with UKG... With everything giong on in life then SL, I forgot about ya lol.

    I'll get back into it soon... I hope!
  7. BiffTech
    10-07-2011 02:06 PM
    You gunna write a proper review for it, for UKG? ;D
  8. Nozza XBA
    10-07-2011 10:32 AM
    Nozza XBA
    Oh ok. HAHAHAHA! It's pretty good, and the gfx are solid! Does have that borderland feel of missions to it, but it's in it's own way! Also the British guys you come up again are funny as. Their accent and things they so cockney lol

    "during a holiday of course... I wouldn't do it with anyone in it" - No one likes a liar!
  9. BiffTech
    10-07-2011 10:15 AM
    No... those messages were just indicators to indicate my disgust at you getting rage early, & myself getting screwed over by my sister again. It's dosn't turn up Today, i'm going to stamp on a kitten & burn a school down (during a holiday of course... I wouldn't do it with anyone in it)
  10. Nozza XBA
    10-07-2011 08:01 AM
    Nozza XBA
    So what order do the messages go in... Nob Cunt or Cunt Nob? lol. It wasn't even Friday last night, but were you drinking?!

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