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Conversation Between Shiftie and Iceskater101
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  1. Shiftie
    07-21-2013 06:51 AM
    Looks like a Flash (The Flash..the fast guy lol) film in 2016. Mark your calendar
  2. Iceskater101
    07-11-2013 11:28 PM
    Yeah there was a ton of James Bond stuff and Dr. Who and there was a Sherlock Holmes panel there.
  3. Shiftie
    07-10-2013 06:35 PM
    If it was British invasion there must have been at least one Sherlock Holmes. I would have dressed up as Watson from Sherlock I think or Mickey from Snatch. Oh and James Bond! There must have been a million James Bonds, surely.. That's like iconic British stuff. Not super nerdy, but I guess whoever dresses up like someone in a movie/show/game is kinda nerdy
  4. Iceskater101
    07-10-2013 02:29 PM
    Yeah it was really awesome and super fun! I think it was really cool dressing up and seeing different people dressed up. I saw someone as the thing, a weeping angel from Dr. Who, Indiana Jones, another Lara Croft, Meg from Futurama, Commander Shepard, Mario, Browser, Peach and Daisy etc.
  5. Shiftie
    07-07-2013 03:18 PM
    Hmm. I realized how much of a nerd you are There's nothing wrong with that. That convention sounds pretty fun too.
  6. Iceskater101
    07-07-2013 03:12 PM
    Wow those are nice deals!
    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I went to this convention in my state called Convergecne. It's basically a nerd convention where you can dress up as anything you want to be and there is a theme to it. This year's theme was British Invasion so a ton of Dr. Who stuff. It's a four day convention thursday-sunday and I dressed as Mario and Lara Croft for two of the days. I am not going today because I have to work at 11:45 on sunday but I am not missing out on much. I never realized how much I am a nerd lol
  7. Shiftie
    07-03-2013 01:35 AM
    On the uh.. Xbox part of the Xbox? I honestly don't know cause I haven't been on today. Try the x360a front page though. This was today's list
  8. Iceskater101
    07-02-2013 09:37 PM
    Yeah I mean I really enjoyed Cavill as Superman, he really fit the role of superman. Wait on xbox they are super cheap or where?
  9. Shiftie
    07-02-2013 05:11 PM
    Hmm. Pretty nice games on demand sale this week.. hopefully Tomb Raider is as cheap as the other stuff has been so far maybe Bioshock too.
  10. Shiftie
    06-29-2013 11:37 AM
    I just hope they don't switch out for a new Superman for the JLA movies IF they actually make those movies at some point. Early on it didn't seem like they knew what they were doing with them since they considered not including Batman (might as well not have Iron Man in the Avengers), then they changed their mind a couple times then they weren't sure if they'd include the new superman. Kind of like what Marvel did with the Hulk, but they actually had a reason for replacing Ed Norton.

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